adidas Solar Glide 5M new colourway

Initial impression the shoe is a tight fit for me despite the half size. I have a wide foot as mentioned in the video and the Solar Glide 5’s are super comfy.

So much so that I can see my socks next to the laces from above. This isn’t an issue for me but it is unusual. Perhaps try them on yourself at your nearest retailer if you looking for a fashion shoe instead of a running shoe where this wouldn’t be relevant.

The Solar Glide 5 wears light and comfortable. Now that I have a few kilometers through the soles, I can say without a doubt that they are comfortable joggers and super comfortable daily walkers/casual shoes too. If you not used to adidas the heel is lower than some other brands but you quickly get used to it.

Ladies version

The bright colouration around the heel is great for making you visible in low light conditions and spice up your appearance (at least the blue pair with orange heel stripe do). The cushioning has been most welcome over the past couple days and I have had no pain at all in my ankles, soles and not a single blister in sight either. A solid runner and an attractive daily shoe in my opinion.

Retail on the Solar Glide 5M’s is currently R 2499 from adidas online and concept stores.

Thank you to adidas South Africa for the review pair of Solar Glides 5.

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