PUMA Hybrid Runner Unrest

The #PUMA HYBRID story continues with its newest iteration, the HYBRID Runner. The latest addition to the franchise comes in the form of a running shoe that features PUMA’s breakthrough technology, which fuses IGNITE FOAM and NRGY beads to create a “hybrid” foam that provides ultimate cushioning and energy return. This shoe was designed to propel lengthier, faster runs.


When running, PUMA’s IGNITE FOAM reacts first on impact, providing instant ENERGY RETURN. Then NRGY beads spark to provide the ULTIMATE CUSHIONING, giving back to the IGNITE FOAM, absorbing energy, and creating a rebound effect during the toe-off phase. The result is cushioning and energy return for your LONGER RUNS. Together, these techs create HYBRID, a never before seen and revolutionary foam—nothing better than the power of “&” to bring to life the best 2 foams. The new HYBRID Runner is a game changer for everyday cushioned running shoes. In addition to the groundbreaking tech, the HYBRID Runner sports an evoKNIT upper to offer instant comfort and a sock-like feel to propel you forward. This shoe is both what you need and want.

HYBRID Runner’s main benefits are:

ENERGY: IGNITE FOAM provides high energy return.

CUSHIONING: NRGY beads offer superior cushion from heel to toe so you can power through your run.

FIT: evoKNIT upper provides an instant comfort, sock-like feel.

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