Sunbirds Reign Supreme Over Lilies And More Victories For Tornados And Jaguars

The Heartfelt Arena was ablaze with excitement on Sunday as netball enthusiasts eagerly waited for the final day of games for the week. The Western Cape Tornados and the Eastern Cape Comets started the day with a hard-fought victory for Tornados. The Western Cape side came out strong to finish the game 41-39 dominating the first quarter and securing a two-goal advantage over the Comets. In the second quarter, the Comets showed their determination to bounce back and completed the round with an equal number of goals as Tornados. They capitalized on the Tornados’ center half and made great use of their center passes to quickly cover the score and maintain a close look at their opponent.

The Eastern Cape Comets were determined to close down the gap and made changes to their shooting department, substituting Mihlali Mgweba, the player of the match from their previous game, with Princess Kanetsi. Despite their efforts, the Tornados proved to be a formidable opponent, maintaining their lead with a strong finishing.

Both teams were aware that it was now or never to secure victory as the final round began. The Tornados strengthened their defense by introducing Olukemi Agban Agbai as goalkeeper, this move further solidified the Western Cape’s defensive line, making it even more challenging for the Comets to breach their goal. The Tornados exhibited their resilience and unwavering determination, fending off every attempt by the Comets to close the gap. Their effective attacking strategies allowed them to maintain their lead until the final whistle to win the clash. Comets goal shooter Asekho Njeza picked up player of the match award for her efforts to close down the gap.

The Gauteng Jaguars emerged victorious with a commanding 55-28 victory when they met with Kingdom Stars. The game started off as a goal-filled spectacle in the opening minutes and it seemed like either team could take control of the match. However, it was the Jaguars who managed to establish a lead, ending the first quarter with a score of 16-10 in their favor.

When both teams returned from the break the Jaguars’ attacking combinations proved to be too much for the Kingdom Stars to handle. Coach Precious Mthembu’s team struggled to find their rhythm, only managing to score five goals in this quarter. Meanwhile, the Jaguars, led by the shooting duo of Chantelle Swart and Nonsikelelo Mazibuko, continued to pile on the goals, adding 15 more to their tally.

The third quarter saw the former champions, the Jaguars, maintain their dominance on the court. Their relentless scoring streak continued, and they managed to add another 11 goals to their total. On the opposite side of the court, the Kingdom Stars found it difficult to break through the Jaguars’ defense and could only score 6 goals in this quarter.

As the final quarter got underway, the Kingdom Stars were unable to mount a comeback and bridge the gap on the scoreboard. The Jaguars’ goal shooter, Nonsikelelo Mazibuko, continued to shine. Her exceptional performance throughout the game earned her the well-deserved title of player of the match.

The final game between the Mpumalanga Sunbirds and the Limpopo Lilies had an electrical atmosphere right from the first whistle. It was evident that the Sunbirds meant business and wasted no time in launching their attacking onslaught. With fast passes and precision shooting, they swiftly raced into the lead with 13 goals, leaving the Lilies struggling with 8 goals in the first quarter.

The return of the second quarter saw the Lilies regroup and tighten up their defense. Goalkeeper Rachel Mothiba fought tooth and nail with the Sunbirds’ shooters. However, the Lilies struggled to find their rhythm on the attacking end, resulting in a long-awaited breakthrough goal nearing the end of the quarter. The Sunbirds’ seemed to be having a ball scoring goals, amassing an impressive 16 goals in the second quarter, while the Lilies managed to get only 3.

The Sunbirds showed no signs of letting up in the third quarter and continued to pile on the pressure, relentlessly dictating the direction of the match. Atacia Mbuyane, the goal attack, and Regan Millard, the shooter, showcased their exceptional skills, seamlessly working together to create scoring opportunities. The quarter ended with the Sunbirds extending their lead.

With the final quarter left to play, the Lilies found themselves facing an uphill battle as they hardly received any scoring opportunities for their opponents. The Sunbirds were unstoppable in their quest to seal the game, with goal defender Tumelo Nkoe delivering a stellar performance that earned her the well-deserved title of the player of the match. In the end, the Sunbirds emerged victorious with an impressive final score of 58-26.


Tornados 41-39 Comets

Kingdom Stars 28-55 Jaguars

Sunbirds 58-26 Lilies

Jaguars Bounce Back With A Victory Against Southern Stings

The Western Cape Tornados and the Limpopo Lilies opened up Saturday’s lineup of games with an intense morning match and a triumph for the Tornados. The Coastal team celebrated their well-deserved victory after finishing the match with an overall score of 54-33 in their favor.

Coach Freda Kemp made some notable changes to their lineup from their previous game, with four players who started the last game now sitting on the bench.


The game began with the Tornados winning the first center pass, however, their possession was short-lived as the Lilies intercepted the ball in the middle of the court. Capitalizing on the turnover, the Lilies scored the first goal of the match. The Tornados had a slow start to the battle, it wasn’t until the first quarter was nearing an end that they managed to take the lead in the game.


Moving into the second quarter, the Tornados entered the round with their lineup changes and quickly gained momentum. They scored more goals, displaying a newfound aggression and energy to secure the win. On the other hand, the Limpopo squad faced difficulty getting the ball into the shooting circle, resulting in fewer goals for them both in the second and third quarter of play.


The Tornados maintained their strong momentum all the way until the final whistle with their enhanced performance resulting in a higher goal count by the end of the quarter. They put in an impressive 16 goals while the Lilies managed to score only 8. With a final score of 54-33, the Tornados clinched an overall win as well as a player of the match coming from their side. It was the outstanding defensive display of the goalkeeper, Agban Agbai Olukemi that earned her the well-deserved Player of the Match accolade for her relentless determination, and crucial interceptions that played a pivotal role in securing the victory for her team.


In the Division 1 showdown, the North West Flames and the Eastern Cape Aloes battled it out in a back-to-back spectacle of netball prowess. At the ten-minute mark, the teams were neck and neck on goals, displaying their unwavering determination to claim victory. However, it was the Flames who ignited the court and blazed a trail to success by winning the opening quarter, leaving the Aloes trailing behind.


Coach Sameshia Esau’s team found themselves with opportunities to close the gap and catch up to the Flames in the second quarter but were let down by their shooting, as the ball repeatedly rebounded off the rim. The Aloes also had a big chance to add one more goal to their tally before the quarter’s end, but the Flames showcased their defensive prowess, with Sanmarie Visser and Jordan Martine dispossessing their opponents in the circle and regaining possession.


After the break, the Flames emerged with a change in tempo, seizing Aloes’ center passes and swiftly converting them into crucial goals. The Aloes, determined not to be overshadowed, picked up their intensity and rose to the challenge after enduring the Flames’ relentless attacks for two grueling minutes. The third quarter proved just how closely contested this match was, with the Flames leading by a mere one point, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.


With the final quarter underway, the intensity reached its peak. Both teams left everything on the court, pouring their energy into every pass, intercept, and shot. In the end, it was the North West Flames who emerged victorious, securing a final score of 60-46 in their favor. Their goal defender, Sanmarie Visser, once again proved her mettle and defensive skills, earning her the well-deserved player of the match award.


The exhilarating match between the KwaZulu-Natal Kingdom Queens and the Mpumalanga Sunbirds was a display of skill and athleticism that will undoubtedly be remembered as a highlight of the Telkom Netball League. Both teams showed their mettle, but it was the Sunbirds who emerged victorious in a thrilling encounter, defeating the Kingdom Queens with a final score of 39-35.


The Sunbirds made tweaks to their previous matchday lineup, opting to switch their goalkeeper, Palesa Mbukwana for Tumelo Nkoe and Zanele Mokoena took a rest, allowing Regan Millard to step up as the goal shooter. On the other hand, the Kingdom Queens made a solitary change in their center position, with Siphiwe Sibisi taking the court while Noxolo Mdlalose sat out.


Coach Thembisile Mdluli’s side showcased their competency from the first center pass, swiftly winning the first quarter despite the Queens being determined to give their opponents a tough fight. In the second quarter, the Sunbirds were kept away from their attacking third for the first five minutes and the gap closed down from a five-goal difference to a mere two goals. The Sunbirds’ defensive pair of wing defender Seja Kgaabi, center Jani Bergh and wing attack Sylvia Lebelo, worked tirelessly to counter the Queens’ resurgence and narrowly maintained a one-point lead at halftime.


The third quarter witnessed a stunning comeback by the Kingdom Queens. Displaying incredible skill and resilience, they turned the tables on the Sunbirds and took the lead. Despite the Sunbirds making changes to their defensive structure and personnel, with Palesa replacing Tumelo in the goalkeeping position, they struggled to regain the dominance they had earlier. Unfortunately for the Sunbirds, their wing defender Seja Kgaabi had to leave the court due to an injury.


As the final quarter commenced, Mpanza Dikeledi of the Kingdom Queens emerged as a pivotal player. Her exceptional defensive skills disrupted the Sunbirds’ shooters in the circle, winning crucial balls and overturning possession. However, the Sunbirds managed to claw their way back into the game, gradually closing the gap, they surpassed the Queens’ score and emerged victorious in a hard-fought 39-35 win.


In an action-packed and goal-thrilling encounter, the Southern Stings clashed with the Gauteng Jaguars in a highly anticipated match as the Gauteng team emerged victorious with a final score of 47-41. The Jaguars came into this game having suffered a defeat at the hands of the Fireballs in their previous outing. The match exploded with fast-paced attacking from both sides from the first whistle, putting the defenders to work. Both teams were relentless defensively in their pursuit to win the ball, but it was the Stings goalkeeper, Phumza Maweni together with Nicola Smith who stood guard in the circle, making it challenging for the Jaguars’ shooters to find their range.


On the opposite end of the court, Jasmine Ziegelmeier and Jamie Van Wyk exhibited solid defensive skills for the Jaguars. However, the Jaguars managed to take an early lead with a scoreline of 13-7. The second quarter was characterized by intense interceptions from both teams, resulting in the game flowing seamlessly from one side of the court to the other. The score remained tightly contested, adding to the excitement and suspense of the match. The Western Cape troops pulled 15 goals in this quarter, narrowly coming close to equalizing the Jaguars 24 goals.


The shooting pair of Rochelle Rossouw and Nichole Taljaard for Stings worked tirelessly to produce goals and actively engage in the action. The fast pace of the game saw the Stings dominating the quarter, scoring 22 goals to the Jaguars’ 14. With the final quarter unfolding, the Stings’ defenders demonstrated an unwavering fighting spirit, Phumza Maweni displayed her versatility, taking the place of goal defender Nicola Smith in the last nine minutes of the match. Despite their valiant effort, the Jaguars proved to be the stronger side on this occasion.




Tornados 54-33 Lilies


Aloes 46-60 Flames


Kingdom Queens 35-39 Sunbirds


Southern Stings 41-47 Jaguars


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