You are wearing my plastic bottle

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You are wearing my plastic bottle

Plastic bottle clothing: While this may sound absurd at first, or conjure up images of your best mate’s bachelor party prank, the fact is, the world’s superpower in sports fabric and therefore sport’s team shirt manufacturer, Nike, is manufacturing football team shirts from plastic bottles, thirteen to be precise.

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The recycled plastic bottle shirts for Juventus’s new kit

Nike have developed the Juventus Football Club home kit for next season, a sleek fitted jersey inthe club’s famous black and white stripes, this time in a thinner style reminiscent of the kits Juventus wore during its dominant run in the 1980s.

It’s a slightly retro design with a lowered V-neck collar and some other hints at the history of the club such as the shield with the club’s founding year of 1897 woven into the material. Aesthetics aside, the interesting part is the material, recycled polyester.

Recycled Polyester

  • The kit is made from recycled polyester in accord with Nike’s commitment to produce athletic wear with a low environmental impact. The shirt and shorts of each kit are made from up to thirteen recycled plastic water bottles.
  • In the pioneering process plastic bottles are melted down to form yarn that is spun into recycled polyester, reducing energy consumption by up to 30 percent compared to manufacturing virgin polyester.
  • Since 2010, Nike has diverted more than 1.1 billion plastic bottles from landfills through the use of recycled polyester.

Unsurprising perhaps, the plastic bottle shirts are lighter, stronger and stretch further, and you thought plastic was evil!

Since a plastic shirt doesn’t breathe like a natural fibre shirt would, the manufacturer came up with the solution of cutting the recycled bottles in the critical high perspiration zones using high precision lasers. Less material, therefore less weight!

Fabric and Nike Dri-FIT

  • The kit is made of fabric weighing just 150 grams, 23 percent lighter than previous Nike kits. It also boasts a 20 percent stronger knit structure and significantly improved stretch. 
  • The fabric is integrated with Nike Dri-FIT technology to draw sweat away from the body to keep players cool and dry.
  • Updated and improved ventilation zones consisting of tiny laser-cut holes on both sides and across the entire back of the shirt, as well as at the shorts’ waistband allows more air inside the kit for additional comfort and cooling.

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