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Wingate Park Country Club Course Review

“So how did it go out there today?” … a seemingly innocent question in most environments, but one you hear frequently after a round of golf. You could easily assume that there would be a wide variety of different responses to this question, but the reality is quite different. You see Golfers are all religious, we are all terrified of the Golfing Gods (yes there are many of them) and the wrath they might inflict on us the next time we step out onto the manicured and hollowed turf more commonly known as a golf course. “I played great, really easy course, putted well, hit most greens in regulation, etc, etc…” This kind of response guarantees a disastrous round the next time out, so us golfers always down play our response no matter how well we played. Comments are more likely to be, “that was awful, couldn’t make a putt to save my life, had my power fade (aka SLICE) going today, terrible, I need to hit the range…etc, etc. This kind of comment gives the Everyday Golfer a chance that they may carry some morsel of favour with the Golfing Gods on the next time they venture into the Golfing wilderness.

So, this time out, we chased our little white balls around Wingate Park Country Club in Pretoria. This is the second occasion I have played Wingate and I have really enjoyed the outing each time. The set-up of the Clubhouse is very welcoming, easy to navigate and the people working there are courteous and friendly. I really felt like they were happy to have me trying out their fine facility. The Pro Shop and halfway house are well stocked and again the service was excellent. I have received worse service at far more supposedly upmarket clubs. Cloakrooms are good and the bar does what bars at golf courses should do, serve really cold beer.

The Wingate Park Country Club course itself is suffering like all golf courses in Gauteng at the moment with the dry conditions and lack of rain. Wingate Park Country Club is still very playable, especially the greens which they have looked after very well. From what I could see the fairways were also good, but as I had my “Power Fade” in operation (all hail to the Golfing Gods), I didn’t really get to see them up close on most holes. There are some really magic holes and I would happily drive down the Ben Schoeman Highway to play there again. Put it on your bucket list to play, but maybe after the first rains when I am sure this course will come into its own.

My scariest hole – Number 9 – par 4 – Need to club down off the tee with water right and in front. Leave you about 140 into a tricky green. A par is a great score here.

My favourite hole – Number 5 – par 4 – A dogleg right so the drive needs to go over the trees, great for the Power Fade…

Overall Experience rating by the Everyday Golfer: 8.5 out of 10.



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