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We’ve been running Superbru leagues of sorts for a couple of years and last year we decided to step up our game and start to grow our club membership numbers.

We did this in a couple ways including the Premier League prediction games with guest players from the media, ex players like Matthew Booth, current players like Marc van Heerden, Jeremie Brockie as well as some of our Superbru league players, who quite literally handed us a beating. We also had a head2head with Superbru’s James Hutchinson, an excellent prediction game against the pro’s with all the data at their fingertips!


What to expect here

We’ll post all our prediction games in this section. All the exceptional achievements in a round, last minute changes to teams we become aware of and anything else that might affect your Superbru game.

This season the EPL footiefan game will be back with regular matches between Marcel, Dirk and ATJ‘s Tyron from September. We’ll see who we can rope in to be our guest but anyone who wants to have a go is more than welcome. It’s a lot harder than you think to predict the games four or five days in advance.

Do you have what it takes to beat these three? Check out the #Head2Head history on the site.

Sign up to our Superbru club (it’s free) and let us know if you’re up to the challenge. Pools with more than 100 players have a unique Run Ride Dive Cup as first prize for club members.


We have some prizes to announce too.

The winner of the 2017 Run Ride Dive pool for Super Rugby Fantasy is Mikayla Le Roux

The winner of the 2017 Run Ride Dive pool for Super Rugby Predictor is Etienne Delport

The 2017 Run Ride Dive pool for Champions Trophy Predictor was won by a non club member 🙁 so no prize was awarded.

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  • Gary van den Heever says:

    This looks cool – I’m in.
    In terms of Soccer – the EPL is going to be rather interesting and probably going to cause many debates.

    ManU Rocks! #justsaying.

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