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Run Ride Dive News

Run Ride Dive News

WE RUN 7.10.2012

20 000 Runners – 10km – That’s more than a comrades field was my 1st thought. But having run the night race earlier in the year, I was just as keen to run this one. 

Initially thrown by the big jump in entry fee – from R 70 incl a shirt for the night race to R 150 for this race, incl the shirt, I signed up! Upon collecting my race pack – I was praying for a rainy Sunday, because I had a black running T in my hands – seriously Nike – A black T – this is Africa – in spring – and the race was starting at 9am – in my personal opinion, this was not well thought out, but then again, I’m just your average Joe Blogs.

But to their credit – the start was so much more festive and fun, and running with my 2 cousins … what more could I ask for right?  So layered in sun screen, green paint down the back of our legs & faces, peaks on, music blaring – off we set.

I never thought Sandton or Alex was that hilly – and it felt like the 1st water table took forever to get too. Then again, we were mostly walking, that amount of people, there’s not a huge amount of space to run. Water has never tasted so good – and I’m fairly sure I was not the only one thinking that. The temperature was well into the upper 20’s, and we were wearing BLACK! Stocked with our cold water, we continued on our way.

Run Ride Dive News

Spurred on by cheering crowds we headed through the streets into Wynberg, and made our way into Alexandra. “Welcome to Alex” was all you could hear from the cheering crowds.

The halfway point was a little crazy to say the least – people just wanted water. With the narrow streets in Alex, running was simply not possible, so the time between water points took much longer than thought.  And they were so cramped up – note to Nike – spread your water tables out for that many people!  My cousin Michelle and I also had to jump over a squashed rat, but to be honest it was more the size of a cat, and the Gogo who seemed to be skinning them behind the water table had me close to projectile vomiting.

But onwards we walked – after all, it had become the “we walk Jozi” passing another 2 water tables, and cheering kiddies and adults.  With the end in sight, we eventually had some room to get a little run in, as we turned onto the M1 highway, and the finish line was in sight.

The finish was far better organised that the night race – something I am extremely grateful, because being dressed in black, in that heat, I am sure to have passed out if I had to stand 40 minutes again.

But for all the things so many have complained about – the memories I have of running – correction –walking with my 2 amazing cousins, the laughs we shared – it was all worth it. Running is not always about winning, sometimes it’s just about having fun with the people you love, or those around you.

And when the next “We Run Jozi” comes along – I will be there at the start line again!Run Ride Dive News


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