We have to do better to be the ‘Best’

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This week marked a decade since the passing of arguably the greatest player to have donned the famous red strip.

Like the tribute banner in Wednesday night’s crowd read: “George ‘Simply the’ Best”.


He summed it up himself (as he says in the beginning of the documentary video below) when he commented: “I consider myself an entertainer, I think it’s a big part of football.”

A winger blessed with absurd natural talent, Best dazzled football fans and teenage girls alike.

Although he had his own troubles, there is no doubt about it, the Northern Irish, Beetle lookalike, stole the show wherever he went.

Unfortunately for me, I was not around to bear witness to his immense talents and simply have to rely on YouTube clips and tales shared by Manchester United fans of that generation to continue to respect his deserved legacy.

I did, however, grow up watching Fergie’s Fledgings and the Treble-winning team of 1999 – a generation that demands entertainment from zero to 90.

On Wednesday night LVG’s new United did not give us the kind of adrenaline and joy that has made the Manchester United brand a global sensation and the envy of the rest through the mind-blowing antics of players like Best, Charlton, Giggs, Cantona, Ronaldo and co.

Best spoke of “show business”, yet last night’s dreary display was similar to that of an amateur stage production.

It will take a while to get used to Louis Van Gaal’s “philosophy” and his teams’ rigid and stringent performances.

There will also be more stalemate games in our future and LVG will continue to make less and less friends as this goes on.

Long spells of possession with limited chances and frustrating pops at goal might not be skyrocketing the goal-scoring numbers, but, there is a bright side.

Our back-line is keeping things in pretty good shape defensively.

Mr David “I wanna go to Madrid” De Gea has been a brick wall, as usual, while the ever-present Chris Smalling has given MUFC fans some sort of faith in our defensive structures.

When we needed a winner at Vicarage Road against Watford on Saturday it was almost like Van Gaal hit the Fergie Switch when the boys and Schweinsteiger rallied to earn maximum points in the dying embers of the game.

That in itself gives me some faith that there is still something brewing in this United team.

LVG is still using the term “transition” in press conferences and is shrugging off the fans’ growing displeasure and criticism at the “boring approach” of his team.

Football is a results game (just ask Mourinho!) and there is no cast-in-stone method to guarantee results (unless you have the luxury of Barcelona’s talent pool).

As long as Manchester United is fighting it out in the upper echelons of the English Premier League then we are not going to be seeing any major overhauls any time soon.

So, get used to it, Reds!

We’re only into year two of King Louis’ three-year master plan.

Run Ride Dive Home

Image: Mirror

We will have to accept that for the remainder of the season (and probably next) this will be our United.

All we can do is continue with the devout support that has made us United.

Getting to the Champions League knock-out round is important from a financial and motivational point of view, but is a charge on the league title not more vital from Van Gaal’s “transitional” perspective?

We’re second in the league by a point and with a match against surprise package Leicester City to come it’s not all doom and gloom.

With a bit of cohesion from our undoubtedly gifted attacking options and a confident swagger in defence, I believe that we will keep Jaimie Vardy from surpassing our own Ruud van Nistelrooy’s goal record and get that win over Leicester.

Run Ride Dive Home

The Red Devils will keep Ruud van Nistelrooy’s record from getting broken.

From there on, get some good results over a busy, yet manageable, festive schedule and we’re right in the money.

We might not be sparkly and flashy like Georgie Best was, but we’re still United and you can never write us off.

We’re just going to have to do a bit better to be the “Best” – and even the best had their problems.


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