Volvo V40 Cross Country – More Excellence From Volvo

Run Ride Dive Moto

Every time we drive a new Volvo we are impressed. They have become the benchmark for quality and luxury in the market, and the V40 is more of the same again. It looks fantastic and is another wonderfully comfortable drive. We had the 2.0 Litre Diesel for the week, and it felt like the perfect engine for the car. It worked well with the 8 speed automatic box, and with the daily traffic we encountered, it made the usual Joburg traffic extremely bearable!

The gearbox ratios work extremely well and it is very responsive to your style of driving, so you can pass other cars safely without a lazy reaction from the gearbox. The power output of the engine is surprising at [email protected] – more than enough for your usual driving around. It also has more than enough space for the usual grocery shopping and running around with racing. The V40 feels spacious and luxurious too, meeting all the expectations for an upmarket vehicle. There has been a chance of focus lately towards driving comfort, and the Volvo offers that in bundles!

Run Ride Dive Moto

We love the current Volvos in the market – their design and value is fantastic. This may just be our favourite so far, though! Volvo really has a strong presence on the roads these days, and suddenly the safe car is the sexy car! It is still as safe as ever, though, with a 5 star Euro NCAP rating – with a 100% score in the Safety Assist category. It has all the standard features you’d expect, with electric side mirrors, full house on the audio system, and LED headlights – which Volvo delightfully call Thor’s Hammer DRL! It has rain sensors and rear parking sensors standard, which is fantastic really.

Pricing for the one we had is R555,500.00, but pricing for this model starts at R511,900.00, which may seem like a lot but compared to the market we feel this is fantastic value! It has a 5 Year/100,000km Warranty and Maintenance plan which is excellent and adds to the value of the vehicle.

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