Defending champions on fire in first round of Varsity Beach Volleyball

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 Defending champions on fire in first round of Varsity Beach Volleyball

The 2017 edition of the Varsity Beach Volley Ball tournament got underway in hot and humid conditions in Durban at the Kings Park Sports Complex with wins for UWC, Tuks and UJ.

In the first game, UJ took on VUT and ran out comfortable winners. The match was tightly contested, but the captain of UJ, Laeeqah Sujee, showed some deft touches to secure the win by four points. Great start.
Final score: UJ 36 VUT 32


Defending champions UWC and TUT battled it out in the searing heat. UWC have won the last four tournaments and started as favourites and showed their championship pedigree. They led 23-16 at the break and piled on the pressure to ride out comfortable winners, thanks to some superb handwork by Benjaicke Della. UWC finally walloped TUT and were superior in every inch of the court.
Final score: UWC 51 TUT 25

Tuks vs UL
The third game saw UL and Tuks go head to head. Tuks Vanessa and Shannon combined well to return practically every smash that their opponents could muster. Both sides were cautious in their approach with the half time score at 19-18 in favour of Tuks, proving how tight this game was contested. This game had it all. Ace serves by Tuks, ball spinning on the net cord, counter smashes and spiking, but Tuks held on gamely to win 40-36.
Final score: Tuks 40 UL 36

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