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22 September 2013


SWIM – 1.9K


Single swim loop of 1,9k starting in front of uShaka at the Moyo pier.

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We gathered on the beach waiting for the start of the event.  We were set off in waves.  The sea was so calm and flat, near perfect swimming conditions.


I had an awesome swim.


My swim time for the 1.9k was 00:36:55.


T1 – Swim to Bike


A bit of a run from the beach to T1.

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BIKE – 90K


Single loop to Ballito and back.  The loop started from outside uShaka and finish at the Sun Coast Casino.


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I had a very good T1.  On the way out, there was some confusion as to the route due to lack of marshalling so some athletes cut short.


About 14k’s in to the race, I picked up a puncture on my rear wheel.


I stopped and prepared to change my tube.


Fitted the first tube, over inflated it with a CO2 canister also known as a ‘bomb” and popped the tube.


Removed the tube and fitted my second tube and made sure that this time I didn’t over inflate my tube.  As I was removing the tap that is used to inflate the tube with a bomb, the whole valve came out and deflated my tyre.


I have some CO2 left in the bomb and tried to reinflate the tyre as I remove the tap, the whole value came off and deflated the tyre.


I only carry two tyres and two bombs.


So I was out of CO2 and I was just about to throw in the towel.


Also be aware that in any triathlon event, nobody stops to help anybody, you on your own.


A few old men on their bicycles rode past and I stopped them and asked them for a bomb and ended up hand pumping my rear tyre.


The normal tyre pressure on a road bike is about 8 bars.  There was no way that I could inflate my tyre to that pressure.


I was grateful that I was able to get back on my bike and continue with the event,


What should’ve taken me 5 minutes to change a tyre took me about 25 minutes.


I had a big time to catch.


At the turn around point just outside Ballito, I heard a snapping sound but couldn’t figure out was it was and couldn’t see anything broken.


I managed to limp home in 03:22:43 for the bike.  Almost half an hour more than my predicted time due to my puncture.


Only after the event did I realise that I broke a spoke on my rear wheel which also buckled my wheel and that was rubbing against my brake.


T2 – Bike to Run


Smooth transition.


It was really starting to get warm now.


RUN – 21k


Starting at Sun Coast Casino with the turnaround at the Umgeni River. The course consists of 3 loops, is very flat so expect a fast finish.

After having a bad bike leg, it affected my run.  It was hot and there was no shade.


The water tables started running out of cold water and cold coke.  There was panic at the water tables getting water and coke.


The run was very tough and it was getting hotter and hotter.


Three days before the event, I went for a run and injured my calf.


The calf was now starting to rear its ugly head but managed to run a 02:10:20 for the 21k.


My final time for the event was 06:09:55.


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