The everyday golfer visits Topgolf Las Vegas

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Imagine a combination of a golf driving range, ten pin bowling and putt putt all merged together in one huge venue aimed solely at having a good time. What you get is Topgolf !!! While on business in Las Vegas I had the opportunity to visit the Topgolf Venue linked to the MGM Grand Hotel.

So what is this Topgolf you speak of?

Topgolf is set in the style of a massive 4 story golf driving range, but hey have pimped this place out in every possible manner. You are welcomed by your own gorgeous waitress (this is a Vegas thing) who escorts to your hitting bay. The bay can accommodate 6 players at one time and has couches for those waiting their turn or just watching the fun. The waitress then explains the various game options and takes your order for delicious food and beverages (a pitcher of beer is what the Yanks seem to prefer).

As we were travelling in a group, we decided to all give Topgolf a try. Being the only golfer in the group, there was definitely some hesitancy from the non-golfers as to whether they would participate in the action or not. After some persuasion they relented and proceeded to have a fantastic time. I would say that probably 90% of the visitors are not regular golfers (judging from the wide variety of swings on display) and this only encourages the other non-golfers to get involved. Once they started playing, there was no stopping them.

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Each of the 107 bays has a set of clubs for men and women, and a machine that dispenses one special Topgolf golf ball at a time. Why is it special? Well their golf balls have a rfid chip embedded inside. This tracks exactly where you hit your ball and allocates you points the nearer you get to the targets set out in the range area. Hence these points comprise the competition between you and your mates. It automatically displays the points on screens located in your bay, so you can always see the current status of the game. We spent 2 hours at Topgolf Las Vegas and the time flew by and everybody loved the experience. Many commented that they were surprised by just how much they enjoyed themselves. It was great fun. It is important to note that this is definitely an entertainment venue and serious golfers need to relax and just have some fun.

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But Topgolf don’t leave it there. The 3rd floor has a swimming pool (with Topgolf logo), a large bar area and a stage where they regularly host live bands. On the top floor, they have a VIP area which has its own private pool and separate bar and lounges. It is over the top and a simply amazing place to have a great time.

It isn’t particularly cheap (but very little is cheap in Vegas), starting at $30 (R390) per hour for your bay (up to 6 players) before you buy any refreshments. It is also not worth staying less than 2 hours in my opinion. Click the link to see times and days for best deals here.

Topgolf have sites all over the world but I would think that Las Vegas just does it bigger and better than almost anywhere in the world. If you find yourself visiting the city, then get over to Topgolf for some great R and R, and just let that ball fly…


images: Michael Baxter,  Baxter Imaging LLC


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