Titan Tour Ignite Tricks

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Ricky Fowler is no stranger to Puma’s creative department being let loose with a box of crayons but this time they have managed to blend classic black and an explosion of vivid colours in the Titan Tour Ignite Tricks to make a powerful splash attack on your senses and I like it.

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

We’re of course talking about the latest limited edition Golf shoes from Puma. Available in pink and green with a black accent, the Titan Tour Ignite Tricks are provocatively designed to make a statement.

Pumas intention was to create a sense of fun. Be bold, play boldly. I think the message is loud and clear across the running, golf and football units within the brand that the Tricks mean fun and you’ll be able to see Ricky Fowler wearing them at the Players Championship where he is the defending champion.

Like all Ignite shoes, the Titan Tour use the IGNITE foam to provide support and the Tricks use the PWRCool technology to optimize the thermal regulation of the foot. We’re looking forward to the June 2016 launch (at The Golfers Club and The Pro Shop) to find out how they compare to the IGNITE‘s we tested in January.

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