The Volvo V60

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

This is definitely one of the best vehicles I’ve driven this year. It’s an absolute joy to drive, not just from a performance side but also the level of comfort. It just ticks a massive amount of boxes. There is some really impressive tech in the vehicle, I love clever useful tech – and this is what the Volvo offers you. It also has really impressive power, but decent consumption as well. You have a lot of space, which is what you expect from an estate, but with how the car drives and feels – you need reminding that it is actually an estate!

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

The styling is very pleasing to the eye, and even as an estate, it doesn’t lose its sleek feel. It is a modern estate in its truest sense and shows the modern side of the Volvo brand. The finishes are what really make the car stand out, the dash is beautifully done and easy to work on. I was really impressed with how it was designed. Fantastic having something that is intuitive!

Sad to see the V60 go back! Really enjoyed it! #v60 #estate

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It’s the clever additions that really impressed me. There are dashboard lights that light up in front of the driver when you have sudden braking in front of you. It lights up red which is good to help you realise the suddenness of the car braking in front of you. It’s a wonderful safety measure, and can definitely see the usefulness of having it! It also does the same with amber lights when you suddenly brake, with your hazards automatically coming on as well. Wonderfully simple safety measures which can make the world of difference!

The automatic gearbox works well and the changes feel relaxed, and it has the oomph when you do need it. You do feel quite grand and relaxed driving through traffic and on the highway. It just feels a very relaxed controlled ride. The seating is good and even though it quite a large car, it isn’t hard to park at all. The space is absolutely fantastic and you can see why it would make a wonderful family vehicle.

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It

The whole image of Volvo has been changing and driving this car, our image of the brand has changed a lot. There is something very sleek and modern about their new vehicles. Even an estate has an allure and it is a very cool car. It is a car that would be family perfect and also perfect for someone with an active lifestyle who likes to have space for their bikes, golf clubs, even a few race tyres could fit back there! We are impressed Volvo, you are now more than just the safety car out there.

Pricing for the V60 starts from R340,500.00 for more visit

Run Ride Dive Can You Drive It


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