The Turkish kit for 2014

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Combining the best in performance innovation with unique cultural design motifs, the Turkish home and away kits create a modern new look that celebrates Turkish tradition.
A standout feature of the kit design is the inspirational Çintemani pattern on the chest stripe on both home and away kits. The Çintemani pattern is a traditional Turkish design symbol that represents power and protection.
New home and away jerseys proudly carry the enlarged Turkish crest placed above the heart — the ultimate symbol of national pride. The jerseys are in traditional red and white, providing a clean canvas for showcasing the country’s powerful national symbols.
Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News
Printed on the inside of the back of the neck is a graphic of the All Seeing Eye, also known as the Evil Eye or Nazar Boncugu. It’s a charm in Turkish culture that promises to bring bearers luck and keep a watchful eye over them, warding off evil and keeping them safe.
The shorts are red for home and white for away. Simple and iconic, the fit is slimmer and more tailored to the body with a cut specifically designed to aid movement and comfort.
Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

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