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Run Ride Dive Home

Run Ride Dive Home
So, last night I sat up and watched the Netherlands and Argentina play out what can only be described as a two hour bore followed by a quick lottery. It was dreadful to watch. Maybe a die hard fan of either team was able to stay enthralled in a match which saw both teams too afraid to lose and therefore neither was able to make a proper attempt at winning. After the sensational goal fest of the Germany Brazil match you might be forgiven for expecting coaches to play attractive football but this game brings back the memories of World Cup 90 where most games went the distance without too many goals.

Yes I am being critical of some of the most exciting players in professional football. Messi, Robben and Sneijder just didn’t do enough for me to be excited over a nil-nil draw in 120 minutes. I throughly enjoyed the 0-0 between the Dutch and Costa Rica the other day. The game also went to penalties but the match itself offered so much more.

Maybe it’s naive to think the Dutch can raise their game and maintain their energy levels to produce 120 minutes of pulsating action so many times in a short space of time but let’s not forget Argentina was also there! Argentina didn’t have the emotional roller coaster ride of a penalty shoot out in the previous round, they also had an extra day of rest.
Run Ride Dive Home

The absence of Di Maria through injury wont have helped Argentina at all and if he is fit he may make a difference in the final but at this point in time I’m hoping the Germany of the Germany-Brazil game show up for the final with an enterprising strategy and the efficiency to smash this boring Argentina team off the field. The alternative is a repeat of the 1990 Final where Germany and Argentina met and played out one of the ugliest 1-0 wins ever witnessed in football. More about this in the preview of the Final.

If there is a rerun of this match, change the channel quickly, unless of course your insomnia is acting up, then watch it for as long as you need to….

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