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The other day I went to a shindig with a difference. It ended with Friday lunch on the top floor of a building in downtown Johannesburg, which is unusual for me for a few reasons but mainly because despite living in the greater Jo’burg area most of my life I haven’t actually ventured into the city since high-school.

Run Ride Dive New Products

I’m getting ahead of myself here, let’s rewind. We often get invited to product launches for cars and sporting goods and more often than not it’s a stuffed shirt talking about how amazing their product is and how their product is unique and deserves a punt on your platforms. In reality there are very few unique things coming out of the various RnD houses of the world’s big brands, or at least it feels that way when you’ve been to several launches in the last couple of weeks which is why this piece isn’t about your average run-of-the-mill product launch and why we had a fabulous time testing this:

Run Ride Dive New Products

The King LTD


The morning started with a gathering at the beautiful Johannesburg Country Club, Woodmead. A proper cup of filter coffee and muffin, if you’re so inclined, preceded a ride into downtown Jozi to a secret venue for the introduction to the new King LTD and the brief presentation of who, what and why the golfing fraternity is going to get their hands on this eye-catching piece of equipment.

I’m not a good golfer, I’m not even an average golfer but like anyone sports mad I have quite a keen sense of competition and it’s good to be the best, even if it’s insignificant. Enter the long drive competition on St. Andrews 18th hole .. let’s just get the this out the way quickly, I didn’t win but then I hit my drives straight down the middle unlike some of the clever guys who worked out you can get an extra 50m by hitting the parking lot to the right on the simulator and letting the ball run down the road.

My suggestion that only balls in play should be considered was ignored mostly.

You can read the original press release we published in August when the King was released to the American market.

Back to the experience, while the others where enjoying some of Charles Glass’ cold ones I snuck down to the simulator for some extra coaching and a few more shots and drives.  I probably had 50 shots with the 7 iron and another 50 drives with the King LTD before rejoining the social side of the event on the roof. The one thing that is evident is how forgiving the King LTD is to the casual golfer. Very few of my drives faded and almost none were pulled, in fact the  pattern on the simulator suggested I was hitting most straight even if only around the 200 – 220m mark. Apparently longer distance comes with lots of practise but according to the golf pro on duty I’m doing lots right and should just play more. I will put that in my note when asking Puma to donate a bag of King clubs to my golfing cause.

To round off the experience the bar was open and the chefs were cooking up a storm over some coals on a lovely hot summer’s day.

Run Ride Dive New Products

Stylish, sexy, colourful

Run Ride Dive New Products

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