The Johnson Crane 10km – Benoni

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Run Ride Dive News   The Johnson Crane 10km – Benoni

As a local Benoni Girl – this is a marathon & half marathon race, I am well aware of. For the 1st time ever though, in my 30 years in dear old Benoni – I entered – the 10km.

This is a year packed with challenges for me. I am in numerous ways dead set on giving me challenges to improve who I am, and one of them this year is adding a few more 10km runs to my belt.

Some might think this feeble, but when coupled in the grand scheme of all I have set out to achieve this year, the 10km runs, will be anything but.

So, with this in mind, when my cousin said they have entered the 5km, but there is also a 10km, I did not hesitate to get an entry.  A few days prior to the race though, cousin number 1 – Kim, came down with tonsillitis – and she had to defect. Entre cousin number 2 & 3 – Michelle & Jeffrey.

Michelle had committed to doing the 5km, and our initial plan of action was to run to the 3km mark together {and also the 1st water point}, and from there we would change on our respective paths.  Well –as luck would have it, while waiting at the start, chatting to the people around us that we knew, I convinced Michelle to do the 10km with me. Didn’t take much I might add.

The morning weather was perfect {in my opinion} for running {and any other form of activity!}, grey skies, cool temperatures – we set off from the start, amid a little bit of congestion {but nothing like the Nike We Run congestion}.  Congestion didn’t last too long and soon we were able to get our lamp post to lamp post runs in. Yes – I am no great runner {yet!}, but I sure love being out and about and active!!!

As the 2 of us made our way through the suburbs, chatting about nothing in particular, and keeping each other motivated to finish, we finally made it into the last stretch. There really is nothing quite like finishing a race, no matter where you come, crossing that line is the best feeling.  And even better is the feeling of knowing, that it doesn’t matter how fit you are or aren’t – as long as you TRY TRY TRY!

See you on the road folks J

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