The Hockey Insider’s preview to Round 2

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Marcel Sigg

The Hockey Insider is new to the chatbox and as the name suggests he speaks all about hockey. His many years on the field and unquestionable talent lead us to believe he has unrivaled insight into the game. Here are his views on the upcoming matches in the men’s section of the PHL this weekend.

Saturday the men have 2 fixtures, 12h00 and 16h00. Sunday there are three, 8h00, 12h00 & 16h00. Remember entry is free so stop by and catch any fixture, at any time.

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Maropeng Cavemen vs Golden Gate Gladiators

Experience vs Explosiveness

The Gladiators play an exciting brand of hockey with a diverse group of individuals. They have 3 or 4 game changers in their team along with the more structured players around them. This is a great combination to have when playing an exciting brand of hockey. The Cavemen on the other hand have years of experience throughout the field allowing them to play with a really structured approach. They have a strong spine with their more creative players on the outsides allowing them to be solid in defence but yet dangerous on attack. This will be an exciting game of hockey filled with structured but yet entertaining moments.

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Mapungubwe Mambas vs Garden Route Gazelles

We can expect a very evenly matched encounter, both teams have their strengths and weakness. Both the Mambas as well as Gazelles strengths lie in their key players across the midfield and forward lines. These players tend to control the game and feed off energy to the rest of the team. If they fire on the day then their performances tend to be above average. The game will however come down to the wire.

Mapungubwe Mambas vs Golden Gate Gladiators (Sunday)

An 8am fixture is always an interesting one. If the Gladiators forward line pitch on the day, they might expose the slightly slower defence of the Mambas. The Mambas will however stay in the game with their flare across their Midfield as well as forward line. If you give these players in the Mambas team space and time on the ball, they will take full advantage of this and become a threat. The Gladiators will certainly be looking to secure a three point victory, so let’s see whether the Mambas can create an upset.

Maropeng Cavemen vs Garden Route Gazelles

The Gazelles have a powerful forward line if you allow them to get off to a good start. Therefore the Cavemen will be looking to get stuck in from the start attempting to get under one or two player’s skins. The game should be a very even battle which will come down to the small moments. Whoever capitalizes from these small moments will bank the three points.

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Addo Elephants vs Drakensburg Dragons

Counter attack vs structured approach

The Elephants tend to rely on the counter attack and break away opportunities .The Dragons will look to get numbers behind the ball whenever they turn the ball over, this will ultimately slow the game down allowing the Dragons to resort back to their structured set up. If they are able to do this from the first minute of the game, they will take control. The Dragons will have an extremely disciplined and structured approach to each game, therefore the Elephants might have a plan up their sleeves to unravel their structure through their skillful players throughout the field. We can certainly expect an entertaining 60 minutes of hockey.

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