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Suzuki Splash

The Suzuki Splash

Initially I thought the Splash was a small car but once inside the cabin is roomy and comfortable. The high roofline means there is a lot of headroom whether you’re in the front or back and the rear seats fold down to provide additional load space to make up for a very small boot.

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The cabin is roomy and all the controls are easily accessible

The dashboard layout is simple yet neat. Somewhat peculiar is the positioning of the rev counter on top of the dash but it doesn’t interfere with the view of the road as the driving position is quite high. The seat and steering wheel are adjustable. The seating is neat and comfortable without the trappings of luxury. Electric front windows and a decent sound system are standard.

Although the interior is made from hard plastics, they are pleasant on the eye and should be hard-wearing. The vehicle is assembled in India but you wouldn’t know unless you read up on it. The Splash is well equipped for safety, all versions get twin front, side and curtain airbags, and stability control is standard on all models.

The model I drove is the 1.2i GL MT 5 speed. Engines of this size need revs to perform and the Suzuki is no different but because it is smooth, the Splash is a pleasure to drive. The manufacturer claims 5.6 litres/100km consumption making it affordable to drive as well as reasonably priced to purchase at R 135000.

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The Splash sits firmly on the road with just a hint of roll when cornering. The drive is similar to the Swift but due to the extra height a little bit of lean is noticeable. The Swift was superb on the road and the Splash is similar if not as powerful. Wind and road noise are reasonable. The engine is vocal when pressed for revs while hardly noticeable once cruising or driving in the city.

If speed isn’t your thing and you’re not hauling large cargo items for a living this vehicle might just be right for you. Economical to drive and almost one hundred thousand cheaper than the Swift and a lot cheaper than some of the Swift Sport’s competitors the Splash is a roomy small car capable of carrying 4 passengers. If luggage needs to be hauled, the seating can be re-arranged to accommodate this at the price of one or both of the split rear seats

Spec List:
Engine 1197 cubic cm
Avg consumption 5.6 litrees/100km
Gears 5 Speed
Power 63 kW
Torque 113 Nm

Features include air conditioner, audio CD tuner & MP3, central locking, electric mirrors, ABS, dual SRS airbags, keyless entry and power steering. Service interval is 15000 km with a 12 month service period, 2yr/30000 km service plan and 100000km warranty valid for 36 months.

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