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Dirk, Tyron and myself are going to predict the World Cup matches one by one as we head towards the 2018 Final in Russia.

When pushed for a prediction Dirk shouted “a Spain win” while Tyron offered “a dream final would be France vs Germany with a German win but that’s all heart from me”. Personally I’d like a classic Europe vs S. America final, something like Germany vs Argentina with a Germany win but I’d settle for France vs Brazil if the French won.

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Round one opens on June 14 and we’re throwing our collective knowledge onto the interwebs for you to crit or use in your own predictions games.

MATCH: Russia 5 – 0 Saudi Arabia 14 June

Tyron: Russia 2 – 1 Saudi Arabia
Russia to be buoyed by hosting the event and should be able to get this one over the line against a pretty poor Saudi side.
Dirk:  Russia 2 – 1 Saudi Arabia
The hosts should be more than strong enough to beat their opening opponents here. Saudi Arabia will always be a bit of an unknown force, but at home it’s Russia for me.
Marcel:  Russia 2 – 0 Saudi Arabia
Probably the easiest opening match for a host in decades.

Points: 1 – 1 – 1

MATCH: Egypt 0 – 1 Uruguay 15 June

Tyron: Egypt 1 – 2 Uruguay
Egypt to realise that it takes a team to win big games and not just a player. URuguay also are masters of the dark arts, so dont be surpised with a penalty award
Dirk: Egypt 0 – 2 Uruguay
Salah was Egypt’s hope but with him half fit, Suarez will rule the roost here.
Marcel: Egypt 1 – 1 Uruguay
Mmm Suarez vs Salah. The South Americans should see off the Africans but neither is convincing.

Points: 2 – 2 – 1

MATCH: Morocco 0 – 1 Iran 15 June

Tyron: Morocco 2 – 0 Iran
Africa’s got a fantastic chance of an opening round win as Iran do not even have boots this morning!
Dirk:  Morocco 1 – 1 Iran
It just feels like a dead rubber. Nothing really inspiring coming out of either side for me.
Marcel:  Morocco 2 – 0 Iran
How does Iran even qualify?

Points: 2 – 2 – 1

MATCH: Portugal 3 – 3 Spain 15 June

Tyron: Portugal 1 – 2 Spain
Portugal may have won the Euro’s but Spain look a better team in my opinion.
Dirk: Portugal 1 – 2 Spain
Spain to pip team CR7 here for me. Portugal for me look a bit old and Spain can and will over run them in midfield.
Marcel:  Portugal 0 – 1 Spain
Finally, the WC is underway. Spain have too much class for Portugal. Ronaldo’s age will show.

Points: 2 – 2 – 1

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MATCH: France 2 – 1 Australia 16 June

Tyron: France 3 – 0 Australia
France to get a fantastic victory to get tongues talking about them as one of the favourites…
Dirk: France 2 – 0 Australia
France look a wonderful bet for this World Cup. Massive amounts of talent everywhere. They’ll be too strong for the Ozzies here.
Marcel: France 2 – 0 Australia
If France are going to have a memorable WC they will need to show intent against the plucky ozzies

Points: 3 – 3 – 2

MATCH: Argentina 1 – 1 Iceland 16 June

Tyron Argentina 2 – 0 Iceland
Argentina should be able to beat Iceland. Messi, Higuain and Aguero surely too strong for the Icelandic men
Dirk  Argentina 2 – 0 Iceland
Argentina with too much fire power for the spunky Icelanders.
Marcel  Argentina 1 – 0 Iceland
Iceland had an exceptional European Champs. Welcome to the World Cup.

Points: 3 – 3 – 2

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Danish tactics?

MATCH: Peru 0 – 1 Denmark 16 June

Tyron Peru 0 – 1 Denmark
I dont think this will be the best game. But Denmark have looked in some decent form so them to edge it
Dirk Peru 0 – 2 Denmark
Eriksen and Poulsen look to be clicking and that will be enough here.
Marcel Peru 0 – 0 Denmark
Interesting how Denmark makes it but Italy and Holland can’t qualify. Where is Peru again? Hah.

Points: 5 – 4 – 2

MATCH: Croatia  2 – 0 Nigeria 16 June

Tyron Croatia 2 – 1 Nigeria
I think Nigeria are Africa’s best team, but I think Croatia will be too tough to beat powered by Modric and Rakitic.
Dirk Croatia 2 – 1 Nigeria
Croatia have some wonderful footballers who all can change a game. One of them will here to pip the Africans.
Marcel Croatia  0 – 0 Nigeria
Nigeria. Tell me how you doing. A match where all three outcomes are a realistic possibility.

Points: 6 – 5 – 2

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MATCH: Costa Rica 0 – 1 Serbia 17 June

Tyron Costa Rica 1 – 1 Serbia
Neither side will win the World Cup, but I dont think either will win this game
Dirk Costa Rica 0 – 0 Serbia
It just feels like that kind of game. Both too cautious in the game, leaving it in a draw.
Marcel Costa Rica 0 – 1 Serbia
A case of the workmanlike performance outdoing the flair?

Points: 6 – 5 – 4

MATCH: Germany 0 – 1 Mexico 17 June

Tyron Germany 2 – 0 Mexico
Germany might be in their poorest run of form since 1988, but Mexico will surely be unable to stop the Champions
Dirk Germany 2 – 0 Mexico
Germany will have too much about them for the Mexicans.
Marcel Germany 1 – 0 Mexico
Germany haven’t looked like the classic teams of old in recent years but they’ll probably still be up there among the favourites.

Points: 6 – 5 – 4

MATCH: Brazil 1 – 1 Switzerland 17 June

Tyron Brazil 3 – 1 Switzerland
Brazil are quickly gathering interest as the team to watch at the World Cup and with good reason. Neymar and co will be there or thereabouts at the end of the tournament
Dirk Brazil 2 – 1 Switzerland
Neymar is in some decent form and think that will be the biggest difference.
Marcel Brazil 1 – 0 Switzerland
The Swiss will be organised and defend well but it won’t be enough to prevent a Brazil win. If the Swiss win, put your money on Brazil to lift the trophy (2010 Swiss beat Spain)

Points: 6 – 5 – 4

MATCH: Sweden 1 – 0 South Korea  June 18

Tyron Sweden 2 – 0 South Korea
Sweden did incredibly well to qualify in a tough group and they will have too much for South Korea
Dirk Sweden 1 – 1 South Korea
Both teams have some good players, but they’ll even themselves out here.
Marcel Sweden 1 – 0 South Korea
I havn’t got a clue what to expect from the South Koreans.

Points: 7 – 5 – 6

MATCH: Belgium 3 – 0 Panama June 18

Tyron Belgium 3 – 0 Panama
On paper we may be watching the World Champions here, but the golden generation of Belgian football have to follow it up with a big performance here
Dirk Belgium 3 – 0 Panama
Belgium have looked excellent in the warm up games and I think they’ll run roit a bit here.
Marcel Belgium 2 – 0 Panama
If the Belgium wonder generation are going to make a serious attempt at winning a WC this is the year.

Points: 9 – 7 – 7

MATCH: Tunisia 1 – 2 England June 18

Tyron Tunisia 1 – 2 England
England look like a team that are enjoyable to watch under the likeable Southgate. They always do well in group stages anyway
Dirk Tunisia 1 – 2 England
England will find the goals they need here against a decent Tunisia side.
Marcel  Tunisia 0 – 2 England
No Rooney and no grannies. England should win against the North Africans.

Points: 11 – 9 – 8

MATCH: Colombia 1 – 2 Japan June 19

Tyron Colombia 2 – 0 Japan
South America are just stronger than Asia from a footballing point of view and this game should show it
Dirk Colombia 1 – 0 Japan
Can James make it another World Cup to remember? It’s hard to say but they should beat the Japanese here.
Marcel Colombia 2 – 1 Japan
Colombia are like Italy or France, the results depend on the harmony in the team. Expect Japan to run all day and chase everything.

Points: 11 – 9 – 8

MATCH: Poland 1 – 2 Senegal June 19

Tyron Poland 2 – 1 Senegal
Lewandowski and co will surely have too much for the African side.
Dirk Poland 2 – 2 Senegal
I think it will be a Sane v Lewandowski here and think it will end up being an entertaining draw.
Marcel Poland 0 – 1 Senegal
Possibly the first upset of the tournament with the best of the African teams facing one of Europe’s other teams

Points: 11 – 9 – 9

2 points for the correct score. 1 point for the correct result.

On to round 2!

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