St Mary’s Investec Hockey Festival breezes into day three

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St Mary’s School, Waverley, in partnership with Investec, are currently hosting the 18th St Mary’s Investec Hockey Festival from 6 to 9 April 2017.

With the unpredictable and inclement weather on the opening night, the Festival got off to an early start on Friday, 7 April with Clarendon Girls High School and St.Mary’s DSG, drawing at 0-0.

In an exciting turn of events, Collegiate Girls High School took the lead early in their match against Brescia House School, sweeping in a win of 5-0.

Saturday, 8 April ushered in more action as Pietermaritzburg Girls High School started the day with a resounding victory of 2-0, over Windhoek High School. With the format of the festival being fast-paced 25 minute games, played one way with no half-time breaks, the players displayed energy and excitement, keeping specatators on the edge of their seats.

St.Mary’s School, Waverley 1st XI had a tough start into day three of the festival, with a 0-0 draw against Pearson.

Number 7, Truné Prinsloo from Oranje Meisieskool, scored the third goal in their match against Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof, bringing the score to 3-1, while St. Stithians Girls College set the school abuzz with their 4-0 win over Kingsmead College.


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