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Southbroom Golf Club Course Review

Many of our readers may live at the coast and will think that what I am saying here sound like whining, but it is the reality for us inlanders when it comes to playing golf. We the inlanders in South Africa are super spoilt when it comes to golf. In Gauteng we have excellent weather, top courses, thin air and most importantly very little wind.

This was the second time I have played the Southbroom course and I could have been playing two completely different courses on these two occasions. The first round was played when the wind was pumping something fierce. I really struggled in this howling gale. I battled to get the ball anywhere near where I was hoping and by halfway I was quite plainly intimidated by the entire event. Not to mention that the golf course has an immense appetite for golf balls. The bush is impenetrable and once your ball is struck in that direction, you begin the dreaded walk of shame back to your bag to retrieve the next ball (or victim, or sacrifice, or donation … I will allow you to choose).

Run Ride Dive Home

This time we arrived and there was no wind to speak of whatsoever. This may have been a stroke of fortune, but I actually got to play all 18 holes at Southbroom this time around. There were holes I didn’t even remember from my first visit. Ok, the course still likes to eat golf balls, but I finished with some still left in the bag and had a very pleasant round of golf.

Southbroom Golf Club is unusual in that it is set within the residential area of Southbroom. Like an Estate course but not. It is a very interesting and pretty track. Logically laid out with some very memorable holes. The greens were in good nick, as were the fairways. The clubhouse ticked all the boxes. Well stocked and friendly Pro-shop, breakfast at halfway was very tasty, and the cloakrooms are functional and do the necessary.

It is always a treat to play at the coast and Southbroom is definitely an enjoyable track to add to your holiday list. I just hope that the weather smiles on you. Enjoy.

My favourite hole – Number 4 – par 3 – The teebox has been pushed out onto the beach and you have a 180 degree view of waves crashing around you as you hit your tee shot. A real beauty !!!.

My scariest hole – Number 3 – par 4 – Some clever course management is required here. You need to think about your club choice on every shot

Overall Experience rating by the Everyday Golfer: 8 out of 10.




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