South African National Motocross Championships Event At Zone 7

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An overcast sky and the threat of rain greeted contestants in the second event in the Monster Energy TRP Distributors SA MX Nationals at Zone 7. The rain earlier on in the week had left the track nice and tacky, and everyone was rearing to get out there and ride.

That promise of rain became real as the clouds opened up on the contestants towards the end of the practice session, but it was not enough to douse any fun, and in fact just what the track needed.

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Racing began at 10am and the sun burst forth, but for the rest of the day it was a mix of sun and cloud-cover as the riders went through their paces.

Cape Town’s Antony Raynard, a fan favourite, did not disappoint and took the win in both the MX2 heats, giving him the first place spot in the overall placings in that division.

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He was in good form, and gave the contestants in the MX1 category a solid run for their money as well, gunning for the top spot but securing a very satisfying second place.

In the MX1 division it was points leader Neville Bradshaw who managed to stave off Raynard and all other competition to retain his number 1 spot.

“Conditions were extremely rough, with soft sand and a bit of mud from the rain during the week,” said Raynard, describing the day’s conditions. “It was totally different to the usual Cape Town ride, but it was a good national track.”

Despite this, he had an excellent day’s racing. “I’ve been putting in quite a bit of work on the Cape Town track, and actually all around,” said Raynard. “Everything seemed to work out great yesterday. The only person I was watching closely was Neville (Bradshaw). He was in top form and has been showing great consistency, and was the person I had my sights on.”

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A persistent Ryan Hunt shook things up a bit in MX3 and put in an excellent performance to end the talented Ian Topliss’ winning streak and take the win.

In the Ladies Division Brittany Cuthbert (JHB) continued along her winning ways, taking her second victory for the year in the series and maintaining a good lead in this competitive division.

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Here are all the results from the Zone 7 event.

 1. Neville Bradshaw  1. Anthony Raynard  1. Ryan Hunt
 2. Anthony Raynard  2. Neville Bradshaw  2. Ian Topliss
 3. Sacha Naude  3. Tristan Purdon  3. Alec Combrink
 Ladies Senior Support  MX 50cc
 1. Brittany Cuthbert  1. Brendan Rodger  1. Neil van der Vyver
 2. Nanda Clowes  2. James Coetzer  2. Jordan Dewdney
 3. Leah Heygate  3. Mason Buist  3. Jordan Van Wyk
 85cc Juniors  Pro Mini  MX 65cc
 1. Chris Erasmus  Camden Mc Lellan  Hayden Tully
 2. Nate Mc Lellan  Cameron Durow  Blake Young
 3. Jonathan Mimi  Justin Sangster  Dylan Kirk
MX High School
1. Keegan Hickson – Mahoney
2. Ricky Raaff
3. Cayle Dormehl

Images: Eric Palmer / Afreakin Photography

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