South African MotoCross Nationals – All The Results

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SA MotoCross Results


The last round of the SA MX Nationals went down at Smoking Pistons on the weekend. Some championships had been claimed, but there were still plenty of titles up for grabs.

Smoking Pistons is a hard pack track with lots of flat corners that got rutted out quite quickly limiting line choice. It was dry and dusty, so the guys were busy all day to keep it wet and grippy. Long fast sections to start the guys off and the other side full of jumps and tight corners to separate the men from the boys.



The MX1 title was still up for grabs. Last years champ, Sacha Naude was hungry for the win and battled points leader Kerim Fitzgerald hard all day. Kerim was on fire all day and managed to go 1-1 to secure his spot as the 2015 MX1 champ, Sacha in close 2nd with Mike Docherty not far behind them.



Maddy Malan had secured his overall win at the previous round at Teza, but that didn’t mean he was slacking off and put down the fastest lap time in practice. Heat one had Kerim and Sacha battling some more and once again Kerim put his head down and held the lead. Heat 2 had Kerim in front again, but this time being chased up by Tristan Purdon. Maddy was making his way to the front and managed to pass Tristan just before the end, which gave Kerim a clean 1-1 sweep in MX2 as well.



Ian Topliss has been a force to be reckoned with and has dominated MX3 all year and won the overall comfortably. No surprises at the last round and went 1-1 to win his 8th National title.

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Ian Topliss from JHB © Eric Palmer AFREAKIN PHOTOGRAPHY


125 HS

The nail biting race of the day for sure was the kamikaze class of the 125 High School boys. Dirco van der Westhuizen, Josh Mlimi and Charl van Eeden all stood a chance of grabbing the title. Heat one had Josh and Charl battle it out and they matched each other piece for piece. Little over 5 seconds separated them in the end with Josh ahead. Race 2 had a little politics and a sand storm hold off the start, once the gate dropped the boys were hitting limiters and going flat out! Charl was unlucky and bought himself a plot, dislocating his shoulder and breaking his hand, which unfortunately ended things for him. Josh was up in front again, but this time being chased up by Ricky Raaff, who gave him a good run for his money and was only 0.3 of a second behind him. That squared Josh and Charl on points, so the winner had to be decided on number of wins, which gave Josh the 125 High School title for 2015.


Pro Mini

Slade Smith has had an amazing second half of the season, after 5 rounds he was sitting in 5th, with Seth van den Abeele in first. He managed to come back so strong going 1-1 in the finals and managed to jump all  the way to the top spot to become the Pro Mini champ for the year.

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Seth van den Abeele from Port Elizabeth ©Eric Palmer AFREAKIN PHOTOGRAPHY




The Senior Support guys kept things interesting and kept us guessing. In heat 1 Jonathan Hubbard managed to pull a good lead ahead of Keegan Du Plooy, but in heat 2 Keegan kept it smooth and got himself the win going 2-1 and earning him the top spot for the day. Andre Potgieter had a big points lead and went 3-6 on the day, but managed to secure himself the overall for the year.



Toni Jardine has had an amazing year and has made herself comfortable on the podium. The return of Brittany Cuthbert caused a bit of a stir, she was looking really strong and took the win at Dirt Bronco and managed to stay just ahead of Toni at Smoking Pistons too, going 1-1 earning the top spot for the day, but that wasn’t enough to overthrow Toni’s hard work and she walked away the 2015 Ladies MX champ!

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Toni Jardine from JHB @Eric Palmer AFREAKIN PHOTOGRAPHY

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