Sodwana Bay Early October

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Hump Back Whale

The Humpback Whale females and their calves are busy making their way back to Antartica after visiting Madagascar & Northern Mozambique to calf (a journey of 19,000 kms both ways). They swim at around 3-14km/h but can speed up to 27km/h if threatened.  Makes for some spectacular sightings. Today alone we saw over 10 whales just driving out to dive. They average 13-16m in length and 35-40 tons in weight. Newborn calves are about 4.5 m in length and weigh 1-2 tons. They double their weight in the first year of their lives. They can live for 40-60 years. Humpback whales are the most active of all whales and will often breach, slap their flippers and hang upside down with their tails out the water. They also commonly do some “human watching” and come up to boats and look at the occupants.


Current conditions. Overcast & cloudy. Water 22 deg C. Visibility about 20m. Great dives today with grey reef sharks and schooling hammerhead sharks.

Run Ride Dive News

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