SD07 2014

Run Ride Dive Home

Run Ride Dive Home   SupaDrift – SD07 as it’s called. It was the 7th Round of the Super Drift series in South Africa.

A little while ago Riaz Alibhai aka “The Punisher” Passed away tragically and this event took an emotional turn in so much as it was really a tribute to the man. Mikey Skelton (above) opened the day up in the riders briefing.

Run Ride Dive Home   A tribute to Riaz Alibhai and a presentation to the Alibhai Family brought some emotion – but was a really fitting tribute.

Then there was the parade which ended off as a ‘send-off’ to Riaz. This is done in typical motorsport fashion with each of the drivers spreading rubber around Riaz’s car and then a burn out by one of his friends.

Run Ride Dive Home

The event, in Mahikeng South Africa, was held in the parking lot of the Stadium.

Drift Racing is not just about speed – it is in fact more about style. Keeping it sideways, burning rubber and being smooth.

After the qualifying rounds the drivers have to pair off and chase each other through the course. The one driver leads and the other follows. They get points for style, etc and the following driver can maximize his points by getting close to the leader.

Run Ride Dive Home

Imagine driving this close and going at an average speed of 90Km per hour.

Run Ride Dive Home

Another really incredible duel – the first and second place duel. It really went down to the wire. In fact they had to do a re-run as the judges could not decide the outcome on one run. As an accredited MSA Photographer I have the privilege of “being in the ring” as it were and getting real close to the action is a privilege and a pleasure.

Run Ride Dive Home   Just look at how close they are together. It’s actually insane. The amount of wheelspin – the speed, the smoke, the smell of the high octane fuel, the sound of the turbo’s – all of this culminates into one moment when the final winner is announced.

Run Ride Dive Home

Paulo Gouveia (in the red) just ousted the champ – Jayson Webb – for his first win.

If you are anywhere near Durban (Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa) I’d highly recommend that you keep your eyes on the press and watch the next round.

The next round is in Durban, South Africa.

Run Ride Dive Home

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