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Ocean Blue Scuba Dive Review

What an awesome weekend in Durban this past weekend.  Temperatures reaching up to 30°, no wind and clear blue skies, welcome to winter in Durban.

Diving was also excellent this weekend with 20m visibility on Coopers wreck on Saturday morning, unfortunately those who dived Fontao on Sunday morning were not as blessed however a great wreck training dive was had.

Later on Sunday morning it was off to complete some qualifying Open Water divers and what exciting dives we had.

Run Ride Dive KZN Diving News

Birthdays Ledges was definitely jam packed with surprises.  At 18 metres the water temperature was 23 degrees, nice and comfortable for a winter dive. With in excess of 10m visibility, no current and minimal surge, the students breezed through their skills and were ready to do a little exploring.  And boy did we see some great critters.  First spotting was a large Round Ribbontail Ray just chilling in the sand, which then lead us onto what looked like a Trumpet fish, however on further investigation it was more likely a smooth Flutemouth.  Then a school of Coachman’s came trotting in to say hi, followed by a Puffer fish.  Lots of other Marine life to see, guess you will have to join us for a dive to see them all as there were too many to mention.

Run Ride Dive KZN Diving News

After a short surface interval to replenish supplies, think suckers and juices, oh and also some fresh cylinders, we were off to Caves to have a look around.  after a few short minutes on the dive the students were officially certified, no more skills just 40 minutes to enjoy what diving is all about.  Visibility had become a little worse due to the surge on this 13 meter dive, but that did not deter us we were here to find some Marine life and we did.  Quite a few Old Woman hanging around, and I am not been rude I am talking about the Angel fish of course.  A few Chocolate Dips and other little juveniles were spotted as well.  And then we came upon a moray, yet to be identified correctly, but at a first glance it seemed to be a Juvenile Giant Moray Eel, as he was not that big.  What an interesting final dive for our students.

Here is wishing the students “Good Visibility and Great Sightings” on their future underwater journeys.

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Run Ride Dive KZN Diving News

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