Scuba Dive Weekend June 8

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Photo credit: Derek Keats / / CC BY -Ragged Tooth Shark

Well it looks like it is going to be a weekend of ups and downs. Saturday is looking great weather wise with 27° highs and no wind, swell will be minimal. The conditions currently on our dives are 20-30m visibility with no current and minimal surge. So join us on Saturday for some awesome dives.

We have the following dives available:

Coopers Wreck is a 30 meter dive to one of our coasts best kept secrets. She is hiding her identity from us however she is teaming with Marine life. Why not come and see where the first Harlequin Goldies were discovered.

Run Ride Dive KZN Diving News

Photo: wunluv / / CC BY-SA – Paperfish

Dougs Cave is or next stop, this 18 metre dive is a short 10 minute boat ride away and great to dive at this time of the year as the Ragged tooth sharks have their winter holidays in the cave. There has also been an increase on the sightings of Dolphins as they wait for their yearly feast on the Sardines, so keep a look out for them on this dive.

Then onto Birthdays, another 18 metre Dive site with lots of surprises. So much to see it would be impossible to mention them all. However large rays have been spotted on this site as well as schools of Coachman’s. Keep your eyes out for the Paperfish, Frogfish and Pineapple fish.

Run Ride Dive KZN Diving News

Photo: Jasmic / / CC BY-ND – dolphins\

After that great Saturday review I am sad to announce that the cold front will be moving in on Sunday. Air temperature will be around 15° with winds up to 40 knots. So if you are willing to brave the cold join us for some dives to the following sites: Fontao Shipwreck, Bikini, Birthdays and The Maze.

Here’s to a great diving weekend!

Run Ride Dive KZN Diving News

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