Robyn Kruger interview

 Robyn Kruger is one of the lady drivers of the WesBank SuperSeries and she is most definitely making a name for herself in the highly competitive Engen VW Cup. She has proved she is more than capable of holding her own against the boys’ rough and tumble style of racing. I interviewed her about her career thus far and what her plans are for the future.
You race in the highly competitive Engen VW Cup series, the action is close and extremely competitive. What’s it like racing there?
I believe it’s one of the toughest series of motorsport in South Africa, the racing is competitive and never boring.
What is your next stop after Engen VW Cup?
I would ultimately love to drive a class A production car
What are your racing aspirations?
I’d like to be the first girl in Polo Cup to achieve a podium position in the championship
What are your aims for the 2011 season?
Definitely to finish in the top 6, but i think i can push that to a 4th.
You grew up in a racing family, what was that like? Did it help you?
It was great. Racing has been a part of my life since i was born and it definitely helped me in terms of race craft and motivation.
Who are and were your inspirations?
My dad was and will always be my inspiration to be involved in motorsport
You started in karting, how was that for your development leading into circuit racing?
It was a great stepping stone as it built the foundation for the main circuit
What for you has been your biggest achievement in motor racing?
Winning class N in Superhatch in 2006 and 2007 and finishing 7th overall in Engen VW Polo Cup in 2010
I know that you do a lot of the Women In Motorsport (WIM) events, why is this important to you?
I would like to see more women join motorsport and prove that it’s not a male only sport
What has being a girl racer been like racing with the boys in the VW Cup?
It has been a tough journey but has only made me a better competitor. To be the best you have to beat the best.
As a previous champion in the SuperHatch series, what was that moment like?
A very proud moment
How important is a series like SuperHatch for your development as a driver?
SuperHatch is the best series to start you’re main circuit career in. It teaches the basics rules of motorsport as well as race craft and most importantly it is a cheaper way to have fun
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