Robyn Kruger 2012

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How was your 2011 racing season?

It was very challenging but I managed a 9th place finish overall.

What are your expectations for 2012?

I hope to finish in the top 6 overall in Engen VW Polo Cup and to feature well at each event. I believe this year it is important to score as many points as possible in each race.

 What has been your biggest challenge going into 2012?

Indy Oil has come on board with myself as well as my brother this year and we hope to do them and ourselves proud. Run Ride Dive News

The Polo Cup field has grown enormously this year which makes for tighter racing and far more strategic planning is required to succeed

Who do you think was the best local racing driver in 2011?

I don’t have any names in particular. I believe that there are many drivers with exceptional talent in South Africa.

Where is your next event? And where can people find out information on you or the racing series you participate in?

Our next event is this weekend, 30th of March at Killarney.

Information about myself and our new Indy Oil sponsor can be found on . There is additional information about the Engen VW Cup on as well as .

Your pick to win this year’s WRC and F1 titles?

I’m not sure about WRC.

As for F1, I’d love “Schumi” to win. Unfortunately I was let down this past weekend however,  I’m sure he will be back to show the ‘youngsters’ how it is supposed to be done.

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