Ram Slam T20 Final

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The Highlight of the shortened Pyjama Cricket Series was the T20 Final at Supersport Park on Saturday, December 12. In hindsight, a huge stress reliever after the horrendous week we South Africans experienced at the hands of our reckless president.


We were offered last minute sponsored tickets from our friends over at TicketPro on Friday and proceeded to Supersport Park late on Saturday afternoon, which is just a 20 minute drive up  the M1 from home.

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Quick tip: Don’t park in the veld opposite Gate 3 where bib-wearing rogues are in cahoots with Metro and charge R100 to park in an overgrown veld area without any fencing or similar. Rather drive past Gate 3 and park on the right hand side in a fenced off area for only R50.

As you can see, the tickets are for the grass embankment which basically means, sit on the grass and be prepared to put up with a lot of foot traffic. I much prefer the box tickets but beggars can’t be choosy, they say.

We were quite fortunate and quickly found an open patch right under the big scoreboard roughly between 3rd man and square cover which gave us a good view of both wickets and proved to be an excellent place to watch from.


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Our vantage point was pretty good

When attending a large sporting event those in your immediate vicinity can often make or break your experience just as much as the performers on show. We had a mixed bag to be honest. The people in front of us, a large family group, were coming and going a lot which in itself wasn’t too bad as they were quite considerate when passing in the narrow gaps between people’s blankets and folding chairs. The guy behind us, no doubt filled to the brim with some brewer’s golden liquid, was more of the mouthy type, regularly screaming “Sit” at the people in front of us. The end of innings change over is a short affair at T20 cricket and a great opportunity to stand or walk a little bit of stiffness in the glutes off. Unless of course you’re sitting in front of this beer swilling loud mouthed prat. Not satisfied with telling us to sit he came over and proceeded to tap me on the bum and then pat the blanket. Fortunately I’m blessed with patience for these types, probably a throwback to working in a nightclub for so many years, and politely told him I would be seated when the game starts again.

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I think most people hoped to see Kevin Petersen and Dwayne Bravo smash the ball to all parts as they, particularly KP, had done in all the previous fixtures. The Titans though had other ideas and the ball dominated the game in the Dolphin’s innings. With @KP24 falling early and without troubling the scorekeepers too much, thoughts turned to Bravo being the man to build the target. He was superb, loosening the shackles imposed by the Titans and making 53 from 30 balls. The Titans were set a target of 160 to win and the home town crowd were clearly anxious to get the game going again in pursuit of the trophy.

Henry Davids and my man of the match,  Mangaliso Mosehle, set the pace of the innings for the Titans. Mosehle was relentless, smashing six 4’s and seven 6’s in his 59 ball stay at the wicket. Kyle Abbot eventually claimed his wicket with the match as good as over for 87 runs.

A great evening of entertainment with lots of music and dancing for the fans and a great sunset for photographers like us.

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