Q&A with Trevor Nyankane

PUMA caught up with Trevor Nyankane

Q: Who was the first person you told after hearing you had been selected for the World Cup squad?
A: My Dad.

Q: As this is your first World Cup, what tips have the senior players given you on how to handle the occasion?
A: They told us that emotions will run high. It’s a bigger stage to be playing on but we should just keep our nerves in check; it’s yet another game and the reason we are playing there is because we are good enough and that’s why we are trusted with this task.

Q: What excites you most about this tournament?
A: Just to be able to go out there showcasing my God given talent on the biggest stage of them all.

Q: Which boots do you wear and why do they suit your playing style?
A: I wear the evoPOWER H8. The boots fit my playing style perfectly because they are light and have got all the grip I need for scrumming.

Q: Pre-match, do you have a specific personal routine – any rituals or superstitions we should know about?
A: No not at all, maybe tethered things I do the same way but it’s not a ritual or superstition.

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