Q&A with Jesse Kriel

Run Ride Dive interviews

Q: Playing for the Junior Boks last year, did you target the World Cup squad and who was the first person you told after hearing you had been selected?
A: Yes it was a target of mine and the next step you take from the Junior Boks. The first people I told were my twin brother Dan and my mom Angela.

Q: As this is your first World Cup, what tips have the senior players given you on how to handle the occasion?
A: Just to enjoy it and stay in the moment, also to back yourself and do what you do best!

Q: What excites you most about this tournament?
A: The fact that you are playing against the best players from every country and that you can become the best in the world!

Q: Which boots do you wear and why do they suit your playing style?
A: I wear evosSPEED, because they are extremely light and comfortable which helps me with accelerating and stepping into gaps.

Run Ride Dive interviews
Q: Pre-match, do you have a specific personal routine – any rituals or superstitions we should know about?
A: No I don’t have any rituals or anything, I just try to stay in the moment and enjoy it as much as I can.

Q: We have learned that you share a house with another Bok team mate and your twin brother Dan. What type of house rules do you live by?
A: Yes I do live with Handre and Dan. We are great friends and there is always a great vibe in the house. We enjoy each others company and try to have as much fun as possible. We have no rules in the house luckily … ha! ha!

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