Q&A with Fourie du Preez

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Q: Are you feeling match-ready following your ligament knee injury?

A: Obviously I haven’t played for a quite some time. I’ve worked hard to get back to full fitness, so feel confident.


Q: This is your third World Cup, what lessons have you learnt from previous tournaments?

A: You have to be at your best once the playoff games start. Even then it may not be good enough.


Q: What excites you most about this tournament?

A: Another opportunity to play against the best.


Q: Which boots do you wear and why do they suit your playing style?

A: I play in evoSPEED. I love the comfort and weight of the boots.


Q: Pre-match, do you have a specific personal routine – any rituals or superstitions we should know about?

A: I only play in boots that haven’t lost a game.

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