Q&A with Fabregas before World Cup

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2008, 2010, 2012… Aren’t you bored of winning these big tournaments yet?

You never get bored of winning.
And another year with no holidays how do you put up with it?

Everyone always wants to strive for the best and for a footballer the World Cup is the best thing that can happen to you.
Let’s go back 2010…and the moment that you received the ball in the final and passed to Iniesta. Why didn’t you shoot? You could have taken all the glory!
It was one of those moments when you have two choices: shoot or pass. In the end everything worked out pretty well!
How do these types of victories help you to believe in your teammates?

I believe that is vital. Until 2008 nobody believed in us and since then we’ve made a name for ourselves and we’ve become a competitive team that has won everything.
Sometimes the champion loses in the first round. Does that worry you?

Well, as you well know, we lost the first game of the last World Cup against Switzerland, so it does worry me, it worries us all, because the first games we want to win.
As you say, in 2010 you lost the first game against Switzerland. Did you ever consider the possibility of getting knocked out in the group stage?
That was a difficult time and I remember that we were all very nervous. Everyone thought it was the easiest game in the group but that just shows you that any World Cup or European Championships are never easy. That was a lesson, and we should remember it ahead of this World Cup too.
Your first game is against Holland, a repeat of the 2010 final. How do you see that one going?
I think it will be an interesting game. But of course everyone will be thinking back to that final and what happened. It was a very competitive final, a passionate and exciting game. I’m sure they’ll by dying to get one over on us.
What’s your prediction?
My prediction is always that we’ll win!
If Spain wasn’t at the World Cup, which of your teammates would you support? Messi’s Argentina or Neymar’s Brazil? Who would you want to win?
That’s a tricky one. I can’t answer! I can’t even bring myself to think about the possibility of us not being there. So I’d rather not reply to that one!

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What do you think about the following teams?

A very competitive team. 100%.
Italy is the kind of national team that even if they’re in the lowest moment, they’re always dangerous.
You never know what to expect from them so you better play well.
A very young team, completely different from the past years, but they will be very tough to beat.
For me, one of the favourites to win the World Cup.
They play at home and they have their fans behind them. So I think they’re another team who have a good chance to win the World Cup.
Our first rival, our first mission, so it will be a big test for us.
Chile… I think they are the underdogs of the tournament.
If you get through you could face Brazil. After what happened in the Confederations Cup, you must be scared…

No we’re not scared, I think that Brazil is a very strong team but we were not at our best in that final. They had their country behind them and if we face them again it will be a completely new game.
So even after that defeat, you still believe that you can go to Brazil and beat them?

Of course we can beat them, you know that!
An easy one to finish… who’s going to win the World Cup?

Spain will win the World Cup. And do you know who’s going to score the winning goal in the final? No, nor do I yet!

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