Q&A with Duane Vermeulen

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PUMA caught up with Duane Vermeulen

Q: Having not played since your neck injury in June, how are you feeling physically and have you started taking contact during practice?
A: Having not played since June I was a little bit tentative taking to the field for the first time after massive neck surgery, but touching that ball for the first time in two and a half months brought it all back to me and I just slotted in as always. I am now taking contact, the doctor and the rest of the medical staff are very happy with my progress.

Q: The Boks have gone through some challenging experiences of late, how is the spirit in the camp?
A: We had a tough road in this year’s Rugby Championship but putting that aside our focus is on the World Cup and winning it; there is definitely a massive buzz and lot of excitement in the squad.

Q: What are the squad’s strengths?
A: I think we have an abundance of strengths in the squad in each position, with a good mix of youth and experience.

Q: Which boots do you wear and why do they suit your playing style?
A: I wear the PUMA evoPOWER and that is exactly what I get out of my boots – POWER! Love the boot, it suits my style of rugby and fits like a glove.

Q: Pre-match, do you have a specific personal routine – any rituals or superstitions we should know about?
A: I don’t have any specific routine or superstitions. I just want to get out there and play this amazing game that I love for 80 minutes.

Run Ride Dive interviews

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