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To his teammates, Steven Kitshoff is known as Red Bull, but to all of South Africa, he is known for known for his incredible scrumming skills, his on-field dedication and his ongoing stamina.

How has your season with the Union Bordeaux Bègles gone thus far?

Steven Kitshoff: We had some tough games during the season. We are growing as a team and will have more successes as the season continues

How important is brotherhood within the team, and forming a close bond with your teammates?

SK: It is very important. We are growing as a team each week and build great friendships between the boys.

Who do you look up to most within the Bordeaux Beagles team, and why?

SK: There is a lot of great player in the team who bring their best each weekend.

Your South African fans are incredibly dedicated, no matter where in the world you are currently situated, how does that make you feel as a player and how important is it to you to acknowledge that support?

SK: It is amazing. I’m am so thankful for all the loyal support I’ve had during my career.  I will keep working hard to keep the fans happy.


Before you take to the field, what message or words of advice do you give yourself?

SK: It’s all about enjoying every moment that I have on the field. I’ve recently read a book that had a quote that stuck with me. ACTION leads to INSPIRATION leads to MOTIVATION

Do you have any pre-game superstitions or rituals?

SK: No I don’t. I believe the preparation for each game is different.

Going forward in the current rugby season, are you personally feeling ready and in top-shape?

SK:  HAHA top shape… Maybe. I’m always ready.

Travelling becomes a very tough component of your rugby career, between your European league and the Springbok commitments. How do you physically and mentally prepare for that?

SK: It comes with the job. It’s just a couple of hours of travelling, to make a lifetime of memories.

How do you, as a player, remain positive and ensure that you always ‘back yourself’?

SK: Doing the necessary prep work during the week leading up to the game always make it easier.

If you could play alongside any rugby player, dead or alive, from any country, who would it be and why?

SK: The list is never ending!

Thanks for the 5 minutes Steven and good luck for the season ahead

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