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Every now and then a product arrives on my desk that really impresses me such as these PWRcool IGNITE trainers from PUMA.

The PWRcool introduces thermo-regulation to help control body temperature which helps the body perform at a higher level by preserving energy otherwise used to cool itself. Add this to the already super comfort light-weight of the original purple and pink #IGNITE we showed you here and you’re wearing a new tool to improve your daily run times no matter what level you compete at. The cushioning is FAAS Foam+ which provides support to the heel and ball while the angle of the shoe, with a 4mm heel to toe drop, is designed to to offer encouragement to a natural stride.

The things I liked most about the original IGNITE were the light weight, the feeling of getting a slight spring on every step that just helps you to keep going and the comfort. New shoes are often a nightmare to wear in but the IGNITE was a pleasure. I took them on an overseas trip in March and wore them every day, everywhere and never experienced a moment of discomfort despite covering up to 20km in brand new shoes daily.

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News


The new IGNITE PWRCool offer all the same tech and design plus the new thermo-regulation to help you keep going faster for longer with less effort. The buzzword for this tech is “Comfortemp” and basically it keeps your temperature comfortable so you can continue to perform. The styling is superior to the original in my opinion while I do thoroughly enjoy the #IGNITE I’m totally blown away by the understated elegance of the PWRcool version with its seductively styled AirMesh uppers that offer better breathability.

Another nice touch are the reflective overlays that enhance your visibility during early morning or evening training sessions, we all need to keep safe on the roads and being seen is a good start!

If you like the IGNITE you’ll love the PWRcool IGNITE. I know I do – #ForeverFaster

The PWRcool Ignite are available in SA at selected retailers for R1 799

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