Pure Adventure announces new headline sponsor for 4Peaks

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Powertraveller proud to be associated with one of SA’s most iconic mountain running events

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

“Pure Adventures events take place in remote and rugged places without access to power,” said Adrian Saffy, organiser of what will now be known as the Powertraveller 4Peaks Mountain Challenge presented by Salomon. “Powertraveller is a perfect fit as it allows both us and our athletes peace of mind, knowing that we have the ability to charge and use essential electronic equipment even without any access to electricity,” he said. Saffy went on to explain how this also relates to increased safety of the athletes. “In terms of communication from the event to the outside world and contact between athletes and their loved ones,” he said.

“Powertraveller’s philosophy and tagline is, ‘if you can dream it, we can power it’,” commented Rene Winter from Wintec Solutions. “We aim to relieve power anxiety,” he said. “Essentially, providing people with the means to take on their personal ambitions and achieve them.”

Powertraveller was specifically designed to provide power to those who found themselves way off grid and want to generate there own power and keep electronic devices charged.
The military grade quality of the product aids the “no nonsense toughness and efficiency of the range”. Powertraveller is the best in its field due to this fact i.e. placing military grade design into the hands of regular outdoor users.

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News


“The rise of adventure racing and the popularity of outdoor activities such as trail running has extended Powertraveller’s reach and inevitably made Powertraveller a staple component in the gear kits of the elite athlete and the weekend warrior alike,” Winter said.

The Powertraveller 4Peaks Mountain Challenge presented by Salomon will take place on 9 August 2014. The event takes in the four iconic mountain peaks along the 24-kilometre slog up, over and along the mountain bowl that cradles Moolmanshoek Nature Reserve in the Eastern Free State.
“On a personal level, 4 Peaks is infamous among trail runners with regard to toughness,” Winter added. “It will be exciting to see what guys and girls come in the front of the pack. My partner and I are also running so nerves will be high!”

This year will also once again see the inclusion of the Pyramid Challenge, an elimination-style time trial event up and down the infamous Pyramid (the first of the 4Peaks) the day following the main event.

Run Ride Dive Lifestyle News

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