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Product Review: evoPOWER Vigor 1

The new edition of the evoPOWER went on sale on the 1st of February and thanks to the awesome people at Puma I have a pair and went to play in them yesterday.

I play a lot of indoor football and wear a wide range of boots to match the various indoor surfaces. I believe that wearing the correct boot for the surface is the reason I have never suffered a serious knee or ankle injury. So many of my teammates have suffered ACL or Achilles injuries but I have been fortunate, or prepared, depending on whether you believe the shoes make a difference. I always get the best shoe for the surface and I believe you should too.

Today, I’m going to tell you about the experience of playing in the new evoPOWER Vigor 1.

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First impression

The first and the most obvious thing is the colour. Bright, almost luminous green definitely brings home the tag-line of Play Loud! Ordinarily, I’m not into the flashy lime green shoes (think Ignite disc) but this is football and you gotta bring your bling to the field.

The design of the boot is surprisingly simple and yet totally logical in that there is no tongue. When you put the boot on you notice how there is no gap for bits of grass or sand to get into the shoe where it might rub against your foot causing discomfort. What used to be a tongue in a traditional boot is an elasticated material that holds the foot snugly like a sock. I like this feature because as mentioned it makes it much harder for bits of our Kikuyu grass, sand and stones to get in the boot. Personally, I dislike nothing more than having something rub against my foot in the shoe while playing.

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The Vigor 1 is extremely light with distinct PWR markings

Accufoam and Adap-lite

From the first moment you slip these on, you can tell PUMA has spent a lot of time fine tuning the fit of the evoPOWER Vigor 1. To me, it feels like a cushioned sock, better even than my previous boot the evoTOUCH. The Accufoam dots run through the strike zone, as well as inside, so you always have a soft, cushioned feel.

On the inside and all through the strike zone the boot has Accufoam dots, so you always have a soft, cushioned feel. The Adap-lite upper is very soft, and it moulds to your foot immediately. I was quite surprised that there was no break-in time required at all.

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First Match played

Is there anything like game time to test a product?

The new boots didn’t go unnoticed. The Vigor 1 make a statement.

The Vigor 1 offered great comfort and support as well as great flex in the sole. As a midfielder I need my passing to be precise to create opportunities for the strikers. The weight of the pass is often more important than the direction and I can confidently declare that passing was easy and precise with the new boots. I find the half blades, half round stud sole configurations helps me with acceleration and change of direction. Puma have raised the bar with the new evoPOWER Vigor 1.

Get out there and play.

Play loud.

images Margueriethe van Rhyn

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