Varsity Hockey Pukke end Tuks’ winning streak in nail-biting battle

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Varsity Hockey

Tuks conceded their first goal of the tournament and we unable to reply as Pukke beat them 1-0 in Stellenbosch on Sunday afternoon.

Tuks looked to stamp their authority by scoring a goal in the early stages of the first chukka, but Pukke’s defence was perfectly set up to prevent the Pretoria side, who had scored 21 goals in only two games before the encounter. Both sides were unbeaten heading into the match, so it was a fixture that would end one team’s streak while extending the others’.

Looking to make a much needed goal-scoring break, Tuks found themselves spending most of the second chukka on Pukke’s side of the field. Pukke, on the other hand, had Charne Maddocks perfectly placed when it was their turn for an onslaught. An onslaught that paid dividends when Captain Jessica De Bruyn scored a goal from a penalty corner in the 43rd minute of the game, giving the Potchefstroom outfit an advantage heading into the final chukka.

Coming from the two-minute strategic break guns blazing, Pukke clearly had plans of ending Tuks’ high-scoring run before the clock struck 60 minutes. Despite a fighting comeback attempt from Tuks, Pukke stood their ground even when two of their players were sent off when coach Maboea made use of the Powerplay with three minutes left on the clock.

Tuks’ run came to an end at the final whistle as Pukke moved to the top of the table, undefeated in 2017.

Run Ride Dive Varsity Sports

FNB Player of the match: Jessica De Bruyn (Pukke)

Mugg & Bean Star Saver: Marine Kock (Pukke)
Pukke: 1
Jessica De Bruyn

Tuks: 0

 1 Marine Kock, 2 Jocelle Deysel, 5 Jessica De Bruyn, 8 Lindi Anker, 10 Lerato Mahlangu, 11 Lori Hyde, 12 Carli Rheeder, 13 Courtney Du Preez, 15 Dunelle Van Taak, 17 Ekmien Marais, 19 Charne Maddock
Subs: 3 Hope Nkosi, 7 Miecke Flemming, 9 Carli Pretorius, 16 Jamie Flowers, 18 Kerrin Klaaste, 20 Meeghan Klomp, 21 Anneke Beukman

Tuks: 1 Marlise Van Tonder, 4 Marissa Poolman, 6 Chane Hill, 10 Anel Luus, 11 Catherine Morris, 14 Izelle Verster, 15 Natalie Esteves, 19 Claire Gibbins, 21 Amy Etherington, 27 Thandokazi Chithi, 32 Mabongi Nyalungu
Subs: 2 Melicia Van Tonder, 8 Jenica Da Encarnacao, 12 Meeghan Scheffer, 18 Levolwethu Nkole, 22 Amone Mouton, 23 Ayanga Balni, 28 Kelsey Langley

Run Ride Dive Varsity Sports

Run Ride Dive Varsity Sports

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