Manchester City lose and other English Premier League predictions

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Liverpool v Man City, 14 January Sergio Aguero has scored more PL goals against Liverpool than any other Man City player (six in 11 matches) but is yet to score in five visits to Anfield in the competition

As if the football wasn’t enough entertainment we now have round two of the spat between Conte and Jose to entertain us. In case you missed it, Jose dug up Conte’s passed involving alleged match-fixing and the short fella retorted with a jibe about Mourinho being a little man. We can’t wait for the next time they play each other. Manchester City probably face their biggest challenge when they take their dodgy defense to Liverpool who also have a frail back line, we’re hoping for goals, lots of them. Other matches of interest will be Chelsea against resurgent Leicester and Spurs against Everton.

MATCH: Chelsea 0 – 0 Leicester City

Dirk – Man City Fan
Chelsea 2 – 0 Leicester City

Chelsea are pushing United for second right now and with how Conte feels about the ‘little man’ Jose, they’ll have more than enough motivation for the win!

Tyron – Arsenal fan

Chelsea 1 – 0 Leicester City

Chelsea to good for Leicester, even with Morata battling for form

Marcel- Man Utd fan
Chelsea 2 – 1 Leicester City

Leicester are on an upwards curve but Chelsea are still a better team man for man, unless Morata misses all night long.

MATCH: Crystal Palace 1 -0  Burnley

Dirk: Crystal Palace 1 – 1 Burnley

Who would have thought Roy would have made this much of a difference at Palace, but Burnley have been amazingly good. Draw for me here.

Tyron: Crystal Palace 1 – 0 Burnley

Palace to stun Burnley, why not

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correct score

Marcel: Crystal Palace 1 – 1 Burnley

The Palace star is starting to shine again while Burnley are finding it tough to keep producing week-in-week-out.


MATCH: Huddersfield 1 – 4 West Ham

Dirk: Huddersfield 1 – 2 West Ham

West Ham have improved massively lately, and I think they’ll continue their improvement here with a good 3 points.

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correct result

Tyron: Huddersfield 0 – 1 West Ham

Hammers looking better at times, still dont score a lot but think they can sneak it

Run Ride Dive Superbru

correct result

Marcel: Huddersfield 1 – 0 West Ham

When you’re near the bottom you have to choose which battles to target and which fights you walk away from. I think Huddersfield at home against a fellow struggler would be a game they would target.

MATCH: Newcastle 1 – 1 Swansea

Dirk: Newcastle 1 – 0 Swansea

Benitez is getting a lot from a very average squad. I think Newcastle will be able to find a goal to win here.

Tyron: Newcastle 1 – 0 Swansea

Swansea are really bad

Marcel: Newcastle 1 – 0 Swansea

Newcastle are only 6 points off the bottom of the table, they will be targeting this match for all three to extend the gap.

MATCH: Watford 2 – 2 Southampton

Dirk: Watford 1 – 0 Southampton

Both teams haven’t been as good as they should be, and I think the Saints will struggle away from home here. Watford to win for me.

Tyron: Watford 1 –  0 Southampton

Boring game I think. But Watford the better side on paper so they sneak it

Marcel: Watford 0 – 1 Southampton

Watford are playing like they’ve already got 40 points and avoided relegation. The Saints could be lifted by the departure of Virgil after months of speculation.

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Man Utd v Stoke City, 15 January The Potters have never lost a PL away match on a Monday (W3 D5) but United have lost only one of their 29 PL home matches played on this day (W21 D7)

MATCH: West Brom 2 – 0 Brighton

Dirk: West Brom 1 – 1 Brighton

This is a strange as West Brom have not impressed at all, but Brighton haven’t looked convincing either. Draw for me.

Tyron: West Brom 0 – 0 Brighton

Maybe even more boring. Dont think anyone sneaks this unless Mike Dean is reffing

Marcel: West Brom 0 – 1 Brighton

West Brom are the worst team in the league for a reason. While they are draw-masters they only have 2 wins and Brighton look sharp enough to add to their woes.


MATCH:  Tottenham 4 – 0 Everton

Dirk: Tottenham 2 – 0 Everton

Spurs to win, Big Sam has made a difference but don’t think he can get a win at Wembley.

Run Ride Dive Superbru

correct result

Tyron: Tottenham 2 – 0 Everton

Everton to come unstuck against the countries worst professional football team

Run Ride Dive Superbru

correct result

Marcel: Tottenham 2 – 1 Everton

Everton’s only chance of playing at Wembley this season and they will blow it.

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correct result


MATCH: Bournemouth 2 – 1 Arsenal

Dirk: Bournemouth 1 – 0 Arsenal

How bad have Arsenal been? Bournemouth to get a very important win here.

Run Ride Dive Superbru

correct result

Tyron: Bournemouth 1 – 2 Arsenal

Arsenal and Bournemouth cant really defend, so I expect some goals. Maybe Alexis last game?

Marcel: Bournemouth 1 – 1 Arsenal

More disappointment for the Arsenal faithful after news that Sanchez has agreed terms with City

MATCH: Liverpool 4 – 3 Manchester City

Dirk: Liverpool 2 – 3 Manchester City

There will be goals that’s for sure, but City will do enough to win here.

Tyron: Liverpool 1 – 2 Manchester City

Because everyone enjoys seeing Liverpool lose at home.

Marcel: Liverpool 2 – 1 Manchester City

I think this could be the first time City falter. Both attacks have goals in them normally but just perhaps Virgil adds more to the home defense than City have.

Run Ride Dive Superbru

correct result

MATCH:  Manchester United 3 – 0 Stoke City

Dirk: Manchester United 2 – 0 Stoke City

It pains me as always to predict a United win, but boss-less Stoke will struggle away from home. Should be an easy 3 points.

Run Ride Dive Superbru

correct result

Tyron: Manchester United 2 – 0 Stoke City

Stoke… Not much more to say about that

Run Ride Dive Superbru

correct result

Marcel: Manchester United 2 – 0 Stoke City

A bit of warm weather training in Dubai should help the United lads overcome the frozen Stoke bunch

Run Ride Dive Superbru

correct result

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Dirk’s Score


Tyron’s Score


Marcel’s Score


This season we score things a little differently, we’ll award 3 points to the outright winner or 1 each for draws. The loser gets none!

Name Rounds Wins Draws Losses Points
Tyron 14 6 3 5 21
Marcel 14 3 3 7 12
Dirk 14 2 1 10 7

Standings at the end of Head2Head Round 14


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