Premier League Predictions for New Year’s Weekend

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Winning is a habit they say, just ask Tyron. Another win last week in a week I’d rather forget all about, even Dirk outscored me three to one. I slipped down the superbru leaderboard a massive ten places which will be tough to recover with the way the other guys around me are collecting points.

RESULT: Bournemouth 2 – 1 Everton

Dirk – Man City Fan
Bournemouth – Everton

Tyron – Arsenal fan
Bournemouth 0 – 1 Everton

Everton are playing good football under Allardyce and not losing. Bournemouth are not winning.

Marcel- Man Utd fan
Bournemouth 1 – 1 Everton

Everton should win this but Bournemouth at home shouldn’t lose either, easy solution is a draw.

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AFC Bournemouth v Everton, 30 December The previous five PL meetings between these two clubs have produced 22 goals (4.4 per match), Everton scoring 13 and the Cherries netting nine

MATCH: Chelsea 5 – 0 Stoke

Chelsea – Stoke

Chelsea 2 – 0 Stoke

Chelsea have collected more points than anyone except Man City in the last month. They will do it again here

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correct result

Chelsea 2 – 0 Stoke

Stoke are terrible, Chelsea should win at the Bridge without much fuss.

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correct result

RESULT: Huddersfield 0 – 0 Burnley

Huddersfield – Burnley

Huddersfield 0 – 1 Burnley

Burnley are everybodies second team now. And that Defour free kick against United was a pearler

Huddersfield 1 – 2 Burnley

Burnley are showing some real grit this season. I think they should beat Hudders.

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Liverpool v Leicester City, 30 December Jamie Vardy has scored six goals and been directly involved in seven against Liverpool, both more than against any other PL opponent he has faced

RESULT: Liverpool 2 – 1 Leicester City

Liverpool – Leicester City

Liverpool 2 – 1 Leicester City

Liverpool too good at home

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correct score

Liverpool 2 – 1 Leicester City

Liverpool’s defense might be buoyed by the imminent arrival of a certain Dutchman, enough to see off the pace of Leicester, perhaps.

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correct score

RESULT: Newcastle 0 – 0 Brighton

Newcastle – Brighton
Newcastle 1 – 0 Brighton

Because I think this is the type of game they will target and it could push them a little bit away from the relegation scrap

Newcastle 1 – 0 Brighton

Must win game for Rafa, possibly the reason he ‘rested’ some of his ‘better’ players last time out.

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Watford v Swansea City, 30 December If Watford win then Swansea will be the first team that the Hornets have defeated as many as three times at Vicarage Road in the Premier League

RESULT: Watford 1 – 2 Swansea

Watford – Swansea

Watford 2 – 0 Swansea

Swansea are really crap

Watford 2 – 0 Swansea

Watford are still short of the magic 40 points, should push for the win against the Swans

RESULT: Manchester United 0 – 0 Southampton

Manchester United – Southampton
Manchester United 2 – 0 Southampton

Saints not very good on the road as seen by Tottenhams game last week

Manchester United 2 – 0 Southampton

Will the Saints be buoyed or down over the departure of Virgil on Monday? Pretty sure their last top quality player won’t play before the transfer, 75 million pounds is a lot to risk.

RESULT: Crystal Palace 0 – 0 Manchester City

Crystal Palace – Manchester City
Crystal Palace 1 – 3 Manchester City

Make it 19 I think now.

Crystal Palace 0 – 3 Manchester City

City are cruising and even though Palace will have scared Arsenal mid-week with the near 3-2 City are in a different class altogether.

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Crystal Palace v Manchester City, 31 December Man City are aiming to end a calendar year with a PL victory for the first time since 2013, after losing 0-1 at Liverpool in 2016, drawing 0-0 at Leicester City in 2015, and being held 2-2 at home to Burnley in 2014

RESULT: West Brom 1 – 1 Arsenal

West Brom – Arsenal
West Brom 0 – 2 Arsenal

West Brom appointed Pardew, what did they expect?

West Brom 0 – 1 Arsenal

Arsenal should be able to see of WBA, if not there’ll be more questions than answers.

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Dirk’s Score


Tyron’s Score


Marcel’s Score


This season we score things a little differently, we’ll award 3 points to the outright winner or 1 each for draws. The loser gets none!

Name Rounds Wins Draws Losses Points
Tyron 13 5 3 5 18
Marcel 13 3 3 7 12
Dirk 13 2 1 10 7

Standings at the end of Head2Head Round 13


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