Can you beat us at the official Premier League Fantasy game?

Run Ride Dive Home

So, you, like a few hundred thousand other Liverpool fantasy couch managers, think Klopp’s return of one win in January 2017 isn’t good enough, and think you could manage a team to the top of the table. Here’s your chance to prove it.

Okay, okay. I hear you screaming that the win wasn’t in the league but rather an FA Cup replay. And he only fielded teenagers, but is that how you would line up? Possibly keeping the big money in reserve, to pick up the best form striker once you know who that is?

Spend big at the beginning of the season

Would you rather be like Jose and spend big to land Pogba, Zlatan and Micky at the start of the season and then add form players as you go? It’s well documented all over the internet that United struggled to convert chances to goals for most of the season.

Then there was that dip in form where every game was a draw. Do you overhaul your whole squad and try sign a Redmond or Defoe to keep the goals going in?

Start slow and build on what you know

Are you more like Conte? Would your formation be the mainstay? Could you assemble a nice balance of expensive high profile players and solid defenders on a tight budget?

It’s not too late

You might think it’s too late to join more than half-way through the season and it’s pointless to sign up now. In reality, it’s the best time to give it a try if you’ve been away from fantasy football for a while or if you are new to the game because your errors won’t make a big difference to your chances and you’ll get into the habit of checking the form of your potential recruits.

There are even leagues for players who don’t join in week 1 you can also sign up for but most importantly, you want to join our league and beat our resident guys like Dirk, Marcel or Tim who think they are experts!

We’ve got a solid league running on the Fantasy Premier League website and would really like for you to join us!



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