A close shave, Philips S7510/41 review

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Philips S7510/41 “Wet and dry shaver” review

From time to time we’re given products to review, sometimes we get to keep them, sometimes we don’t. The Philips Series 7000 smooth glide wet & dry shaver is one we’ve been given to review and keep. And you can win one in our competition coming up soon! So let’s have a look at the product and see what all the fuss is about. The Philips S7510/41 is one of the Philips Series 7000 wet and dry shavers.

Whats in the box:

Assorted paperwork including a welcome note, guarantee card, user manual and a membership card to the Grooming club. A two pin Philips charger, trimmer head with blade protection cover, the shaver head, the handle/battery housing and a nice black Philips branded travel case.

You’ll want to charge your new device for an hour to get a full charge and then choose whether you’re going to shave wet or dry. While the unit was charging I decided to log onto the Philips website and join the grooming club. This extends my warranty a year from two to three, as well as giving access to some “tools, apps and exclusive offers”.  A one hour charge should provide 50 minutes of shaving time thanks to the Lithium ion battery.

First dry shave

My first shave with the Philips Series 7000 was dry. I’ve never had a Philips before because I had always been told the circular cutting motion of the blades pulls the hair rather than cutting it. As a result I had always preferred another brand which used the foil system so I was quite relieved that the circular motion does not  pull the hair but in fact gently lifted them and chopped them very neatly. I quickly got the hang of the shaving motion. Nice circles instead of straight lines allow the three shaving heads to follow the contours of your face courtesy of the 5 direction motion of the heads. The shavers glide over the skin thanks to the microbead technology which reduces friction and allows for a smooth, even shave.

No shave is complete without trimming some unruly side-burns, this isn’t the 70’s, or 2012, you know! After gently prying the three-headed shaver off the handle, the trimmer is easily mounted to the same mechanism. The only consideration is lining up the key to the slot on the handle. The trimmer has 5 length settings and is perfectly suited to trimming beards and side-burns. If you’re looking to shave your body, I assume it would work but I would probably buy a dedicated “heavy duty” device for that.

The results are good and I experienced no razor burn at all.

First wet shave

I started with a warm water rinse and facecloth soaked in warm water applied for a few minutes to soften the beard. I used a shaving gel which I lathered up first and then applied evenly. You should always leave the stubborn and thickest hairs to soak the longest in the shaving prep so they can soften before being cut, think chin area and upper lip.

The manual suggests wetting the shaver’s blades before starting and applying more water to the beard during the shave. Technique is everything! Keep working the circles! It feels odd at first but I quickly find the rhythm that cuts the beard smoothly.

After rinsing the shaver under running water I wash with warm water and rinse with cold water only to find I’ve missed a few hairs on my jaw line. I think this is more about my technique than the shaver’s inability since my upper lip, cheeks, chin and neck are clean. Thankfully it’s a weekend so I’ll work on this tomorrow, I say quietly to myself while packing the shaver into its clever travel bag for tomorrow’s shave. Time to get some aftershave balm on to protect the skin from the elements!

What I liked

  1. Relatively short charge time for a decent usage time
  2. The shaver sits perfectly in my hand
  3. It’s not overly noisy
  4. Clever trimmer, works well
  5. Wet and dry use

The Philips S7510/41 retails at close on R 3000 which seems like a lot of money. According to the instruction manual you only need to clean the blades once a month and replace them every 2 years. That’s not a lot of maintenance and since our Rand is the only thing that seems to go down more than up we can probably look at the exchange rate for an explanation of the price.

Enter the competition to win a Philips Series 7000 wet and dry shaver.

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