PEUGEOT 308 voted 2014 Euro “Car of the Year”

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On 3 March 2014, at the time of the 84th Geneva Motor Show which opens its doors to the
international press the day after, the new PEUGEOT 308 has been crowned with the prestigious
title of 2014 “Car of the Year”, awarded by a jury of journalists representing 22 European
30 new models from American, Korean, European and Japanese manufacturers, on sale in Europe
during 2013, were eligible for the 2014 “Car of the Year” award.
The jury, reflecting the interests and tastes of 58 journalists from 22 European countries, has just
delivered its verdict on the strong line-up of seven finalist models pre-selected in December : the
new PEUGEOT 308 has been selected “Car of the Year” 2014.
The new 308 is the 4th PEUGEOT model to be distinguished by the “Car of the Year” award. It comes
after the 307 (2002), the 405 (1988) and the 504 (1969).
Produced at Sochaux, the brand’s historic cradle, the new 308 was launched in Europe during the
last four months of 2013; production and sales in China, the biggest automobile market in the
world, will start early in 2015.
The 2014 “Car of the Year” title represents the most prestigious recognition for the 308, which
embodies the brand’s values of excellence, in terms of its design, elegant and dynamic, efficient
concept based on an advanced approach to weight reduction, driving experience with its innovative
instruments and controls (the i-Cockpit) playing a part and quality of the highest level.
Sales success has already been achieved, with more than 55 000 orders recorded since the launch of
the model; the new 308 is also contributing towards the brand’s move up-market, confirmed by the
mix of the orders, 48 % of which are for the upper trim levels 3 and 4 in its range.
From the start of spring, the new 308 range will be expanded by the introduction of a second body
style: the 308 SW, a classy and spacious estate which, like the hatchback, takes only its name from its predecessor.
To the nine engines available at launch – 4 petrol, 5 Diesel with particularly restrained fuel
consumption – will be added at the same time, the exceptional PureTech 3-cylinder 1.2 e-THP 130
hp turbo petrol engine as well as three BlueHDi engines, including the new BlueHDi 1.6 litre 120 hp
version with CO2 emissions of just 82g/km, a record in the segment.
Receiving the award from Hakan Matson, the president of the jury, Maxime Picat, Brand CEO
declared: “With the new PEUGEOT 308, we were convinced that we had achieved a leap in concept,
technology and quality and which would soon allow it a place on the podium for the category in
Europe. The prestigious 2014 “Car of the Year” award, which I receive today in the names of all of
those that contributed towards the development and launch of the model, is the best confirmation
of this”.
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