Peugeot 308 GTi

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A powerful GTi design

The Ultimate Red and Perla Nera Black pairing seem to have been split by a surgeon’s scalpel, such
is the contrast between the two. Dubbed the Coupe Franche, this combination of colours ably
captures the nature of the new 308 GTi by PEUGEOT SPORT: in a word, sharp.

The PEUGEOT 308 is inherently sleek and clean, and the high-end version needs no artifice to show
its pedigree. The PEUGEOT 308 GTi asserts a style imbued with simplicity but which is impressively

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The car adopts a striking stance, sitting 11 millimetres lower to the ground on large 19-inch Carbone
19 wheels. The GTi 270 version wraps all four in Michelin Super Sport rubber paired with light,
Reverse rims that showcase the 380 mm discs in the front with their solid red four-piston calipers,
complete with PEUGEOT SPORT signature.

The generous front end gives a hint of things to come. Across the upper section, Full LED headlamps
flank an exclusive black radiator grille with a horizontal chequered pattern and gloss-black finishing.
This same motif is echoed on the grille of the ample air intake, which flows into the supercharging
air cooler and is surrounded by dynamic-display LED indicators and a strip in red, or chrome with
Ultimate Red. There are also two front spoilers below the bumper, which not only enhance the
impression of a car that really sticks to the road but also add to aerodynamic performance, with a
SCx of just 0.69.

Further inspection naturally draws the eye along the door sill extenders and expressive flanks of the
308 GTi to its powerful rear design, where the car’s ground-hugging qualities are underscored by the
gloss-black extractor incorporating two ample exhaust pipes. The GTi signature is clearly visible on
the front wings and the tailgate.

The body comes in six colourways: the new, explosive Ultimate Red, Magnetic Blue, Perla Nera
Black, Artense Grey, Pearlescent White and Hurricane Grey. The 270 hp version of the 308 GTi
features the exclusive Coupe Franche livery with its combination of Ultimate Red and Perla Nera
Black. The Coupe Franche version raises the bar even further with its matt black window trim in place
of chrome. Whatever the chosen colourway, the finishing reveals outstanding attention to detail,
echoing the finely tuned body design.

The interior styling is perfectly in keeping with the outside and is unabashedly sporty, with an
anthracite-style feel right up to the roof. Red stitching features on the dashboard, upholstery, door
panels, gear lever and high-end floor mats. The door sill also carries the PEUGEOT SPORT and GTi
signature and is in aluminium, as are the pedals, foot rest and gear knob.

In the GTi 270 version, the PEUGEOT SPORT bucket seats—upholstered in leather and alcantara—
provide outstanding lateral support, ensuring the driver feels at one with the car at all times.
The compact steering wheel (351 x 329 mm) provides natural grip and flawless precision, with a fullgrain
leather design featuring the GTi logo at the bottom and a red centring mark at the top. It also leaves plenty of room to see the head-up display, the instrument panel readouts with their chequered backdrops, and the GTi greeting in the centre.

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The large touchscreen forms a seamless part of the instrument panel with its Redline theme, adding
a final touch of flair to the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit. The natural user-friendly feel of the cockpit
promotes safe, instinctive driving—crucial for a car that packs such a punch.
The Driver Sport Pack allows the driver to amp up the high-octane feel. Pressing the Sport button on
the centre console switches the display colour from white to red, shows additional information on
the central readout (power, torque, boost, lateral and longitudinal acceleration), enhances engine
growl and changes the accelerator pedal mapping.

All of these features combine to capture the quintessential nature of PEUGEOT SPORT development.
The kind of driving experience only PEUGEOT SPORT can provide…

Drawing on its unparalleled competition experience, PEUGEOT SPORT is a division devoted
exclusively to developing the brand’s most high-performance models. Team engineers used their
expertise to create the ultimate driving experience behind the wheel of the PEUGEOT 308 GTi by PEUGEOT SPORT.

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The GTi benefits from the relentless quest for weight savings involved in the 308 design, including
the EMP2 platform, composite tailgate and high-tensile steel. This bid to lighten the load brought
tangible results: the segment-record-breaking 4 kg per 46 hp for the GTi 270 is testament to the
car’s high-performance handling.

The PEUGEOT 308 provided an excellent base from which to develop a hot hatch, and our work mainly
lay in optimising the original design to achieve flawless performance. But you have to get the 308 GTi
by PEUGEOT SPORT on the road or circuit to really taste its true potential.

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