Peters, Reeves crowned champions at XTERRA Buffelspoort Lite

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A weekend of action packed XTERRA racing was closed off at the Buffelspoort Dam on Sunday, 24 January 2016 when close to 750 multi-sport enthusiasts gathered to partake in the Fedhealth XTERRA Buffelspoort Lite.

Herbert Peters took the lead in the men’s race, completing the 400m swim, 19km mountain bike discipline and 6km trail run in an impressive combined time of 01 hour 09 minutes 43 seconds.  “I was surprised by my swim today,” said Peters.  “The swim is my weakest discipline, but I actually felt good.  I caught Michael Ferreira early on the mountain bike discipline.  He managed to stick with me for a while, but then fell back.  Michael had a really good run though.  I had to push hard to prevent him from catching me.”

“I competed in the XTERRA Full yesterday and will be doing both the Full and the Lite again in Grabouw as part of the Fedhealth Ultimate Warrior Challenge,” continues Peters.  “I’d recommend XTERRA to other athletes because it’s a well organised fun event.  It also attracts a nice crowd of athletes that you can measure yourself against.  It’s just an overall fun event.”  Michael Ferreira came in second, while Marc Price finished third.

The Fedhealth Champions Challenge will run for the duration of the 2016 series, with the winners being announced after XTERRA Grabouw.   XTERRA Full Warriors that partake in all three races (Buffelspoort, Port Elizabeth and Grabouw) stand the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the XTERRA World Championships, while XTERRA Lite Warriors that partake in all three races stand a chance to win a spectacular TREK Mountain Bike.

The Fedhealth Ultimate Warrior Challenge will be event specific.  XTERRA Warriors taking part in both the XTERRA Full and the XTERRA Lite races over one weekend will stand a chance to take home spectacular sponsor prizes.

In the women’s race Carol Reeves was taking no prisoners, claiming victory in a well-deserved combined finish time of 01 hours 23 minutes 48 seconds.  According to Reeves, XTERRA is a phenomenal event.  “The swim was nice and short.  I entered the swim to bike transition in second place, but managed to catch the leading lady in the first 500m of the mountain bike course.  I kept the lead until the end.  The fast mountain bike discipline was followed by a really good and refreshing trail run.  XTERRA is tough, but fun.  You never know what is going to happen.”  Gena Nys came in second, while Mikaela Jonsson finished third.

After a gruelling day out on route XTERRA Warriors could regain their strength in the NUUN Recovery Zone.  “We were there to put back what the race took out with cold coolers of our proprietary blend of electrolytes in natural, delicious flavours – all without any sugars,” says Etienne du Plessis, CEO of NUUN.

Another special feature in the NUUN Recovery Zone was the serving of the proudly South African ButtaNutt series of authentic tree nut spreads.

Interesting XTERRA Facts:

  • XTERRA South Africa turns 13 in 2016.
  • XTERRA South Africa Buffelspoort celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2016.

RESULTS:  Open Men

1 Herbert Peters 01:09:43, 2 Michael Ferreira 01:10:02, 3 Marc Price 01:12:09, 4 Adriaan Myburgh 01:13:40, 5 DylanNortjie 01:15:47, 6 Heinz Mittermaier 01:17:36, 7 Michael Van Der Merwe 01:17:59, 8 Xander Van Der Merwe 01:18:00, 9 Rupert Groenewald 01:19:14, 10 Paul Suebert 01:21:47

RESULTS:  Open Women

1 Carol Reeves 01:23:48, 2 Gena Nys 01:24:44, 3 Mikaela Jonsson 01:27:16, 4 Thana Groenewald 01:29:48, 5 Alisa Botha 01:36:13, 6 Yda Hurter 01:39:40, 7 Reese Bain 01:40:07, 8 Karien Opperman 01:41:00, 9 Somarie Steyn 01:41:50, 10 Samantha Harrington 01:43:24


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