Our World Cup Predictions for Round 2

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Dirk, Tyron and myself are going to predict the World Cup matches one by one as we head towards the 2018 Final in Russia.

What an interesting first round we’ve had with Germany, Argentina, Spain and Brazil all failing to win. While France and England left it late to get three points, the underdog is the winner of the opening round with wins for Iran, Mexico and Senegal!

Now that we’ve put the Messi penalty miss up as the header image they’ll probably get to the final but the truth is he was disappointing, especially when compared to the Spain Portugal encounter where Ronaldo defied his age with a hattrick.

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MATCH: Russia 3 – 1 Egypt 19 June

Tyron: Russia 2 – 0 Egypt
The hosts were fantastic in the opening game and Egypt were pretty lacklustre. They need Salah but I dont think one player is enough!
Dirk: Russia 2 – 1 Egypt

Russia look better than expected and an unfit Salah can’t do much for the Egyptians fortunes. Russia to win for me.

Marcel: Russia 2 – 1 Egypt
The Africans will be buoyed by the return of Salah, the Russians will be buoyed by their 5 nil drubbing of the Saudis.

Points: 12 – 10 – 10 and Salah is going home

MATCH: Portugal 1 – 0 Morocco 20 June

Tyron: Portugal 3 – 0 Morocco
Morocco will be no match for the European Champions and it could get ugly if CR7 is on song
Dirk: Portugal 2 – 0 Morocco

Ronaldo looks in decent nick right now, if Morocco can’t stop Iran they won’t stop him!

Marcel: Portugal 2 – 0 Morocco

Morocco looked good in the opening 10 minutes and then faded last time out. Portugal looked like a quality team against Spain.

Points: 13 – 11 -11

MATCH: Uruguay 1 – 0 Saudi Arabia

Tyron: Uruguay 3 – 0 Saudi Arabia
I feel sorry for Saudi Arabia, the joy of qualifying is quickly being replaced by the embarrasment of performance
Dirk: Uruguay 2 – 0 Saudi Arabia

They let in 5 against the Russians but don’t think they’ll lose by as much here.

Marcel: Uruguay 2 – 0 Saudi Arabia

More evidence that qualifying for a WC under the current systems is a bit of a joke?

Points: 14 – 12 – 12

MATCH: Iran 0 – 1 Spain

Tyron: Iran 0 Р2  Spain
Because Spain wont be as weak as Nigeria, and despite the surprising sacking they were not poor against Portugal
Dirk: Iran 0 – 3 Spain

Iran got a good win but Spain will be a much harder game. Spain to coast home here.

Marcel: Iran 0 – 2 Spain
Can’t see Spain dropping points like Morocco did.

Points: 15 – 13 – 13

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MATCH: Denmark 1 – 1 Australia

Tyron: Denmark 2 – 1 Australia
Could be a tight one, but I really like this Denmark side and a win could see them through to the last 16
Dirk: Denmark 1 – 1 Australia

Draw for me here, both teams got good fight but can’t see either pipping the other.

Marcel: Denmark 1 – 0 Australia

Tough match for both teams. If Australia lose they are as good as on the plane home.

Points: 15 – 15 – 13

MATCH: France 1 – 0 Peru

Tyron France 2 – 0 Peru
France failed to set the world alight in their opener, but they got the important win that will likely see improved performances as the tournament goes.
Dirk France 3 – 0 Peru

Sorry Peru, France look good right now. Easy easy win for them

Marcel France 2 – 0 Peru

Sooner or later France have to come to the party the way they can. Peru struggled in their opener.

Points: 16 – 16 – 14

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source: indianexpress

MATCH: Argentina 0 – 3 Croatia

Tyron Argentina 2 – 1 Croatia
Argentina were poor, but knowing that defeat would put them on the verge of elimination probably will galvanise the Argentines to a thrilling win.
Dirk Argentina 2 – 1 Croatia

Messi to make up for the draw against Iceland by inspiring them to a win here.

Marcel Argentina 1 -1  Croatia

Could be a good match. Hard working Croatia against one man Argentina.

Points: 16 – 16 – 14


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source: indian express.com

MATCH: Brazil 2 – 0 Costa Rica

Tyron Brazil 2 – 0 Costa Rica
IF Neymar tries to play football instead of diving they could actually be a fantastic side.
Dirk Brazil 3 – 1 Costa Rica

Brazil should have won that first game, they’ll look to make sure they win here.

Marcel Brazil 2 – 0 Costa Rica

I wonder if the coach has the balls to drop Neymar after his poor performance? If they did drop him they could run riot.

Points: 18 – 17 – 16

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MATCH: Nigeria 2 – 0 Iceland

Tyron Nigeria 1 – 2 Iceland

This could actually be a cracker, but the momentum of Iceland could see a very interesting result

Dirk Nigeria 1 – 1 Iceland

Another draw for Iceland here, I think Nigeria will see this game as an opportunity for a win.

Marcel Nigeria 0 – 1 Iceland

The footballing minnows of Europe are becoming quite the giant slayers.

Points: 18 – 17 – 16

MATCH: Serbia 1 – 2 Switzerland

Tyron Serbia 1 – 2 Switzerland

Switzerland were superb against Brazil in game management and I think they could see off Serbia

Dirk Serbia 1 – 2 Switzerland

I think the Swiss can be much more attacking and will show exactly that in this game here.

Marcel Serbia 0 – 1 Switzerland

Who says you need flair to win? We’re super organised.

Points: 20 – 19 – 17

MATCH: Belgium 5 – 2 Tunisia

Tyron Belgium 2 – 0 Tunisia
Belgium are a much stronger side than Tunisia and should be a comfortable win.
Dirk Belgium 3 – 1 Tunisia
Belgium looking fantastic at this tournament. Should be a few excellent goals to see
Marcel Belgium 3 – 0 Tunisia

KDB will hopefully have a better game than last time out but the Belgians like to bully the smaller teams

Points: 21 – 20 – 18

MATCH: South Korea 1 – 2 Mexico

Tyron South Korea 1 – 2 Mexico

Mexico to qualify for the last 16 with an exciting performance here. Hope they havent peaked too early

Dirk South Korea 0 – 1 Mexico
Mexico to build on their win over Germany with another win here
Marcel South Korea 0 – 1 Mexico

The Mexicans got off to a flyer. I think this contest will be much closer with the Koreans known for their ability to run all day

Points: 23 – 21 – 19

MATCH: Germany 2 Р1 Sweden

Tyron Germany 2 – 0 Sweden
I just cant imagine Germany getting knocked out already, so heart picks this one by default
Dirk Germany 2 – 1 Sweden

Shocked by the Mexicans, the Germans will look to be a little more efficient here against a not as dangerous Swedish team.

Marcel Germany 2 – 0 Sweden

Will Sweden be able to emulate the counter attacking win of Mexico? I don’t think so.

Points: 24 – 23 – 20

MATCH: England 6 – 1 Panama

Tyron England 3 – 0 Panama
Panama were very poor against Belgium, they wont improve. Expect Kane to score for the young English side
Dirk England 2 – 0 Panama

Probably not as much a rout as the Belgians managed but an English win just the same.

Marcel England 2 – 0 Panama

England started well. Lost their way a bit when they gave away the penalty and then found their way to 3 points, expect more of the same.

Points: 25 – 24 – 21

MATCH: Japan 2 – 2 Senegal

Tyron Japan 1 – 2 Senegal
Come on AFrica, we have to win something
Dirk Japan 1 – 2 Senegal

I think the Senegalese will the best African team at this tournament and this win will put them on their way.

Marcel Japan 1 – 1 Senegal

A valuable point for Senegal. Depending on the Polish result they could qualify with a draw.

Points: 25 – 24 – 22

MATCH: Poland 0 – 3 Colombia

Tyron Poland 2 – 0 Colombia
Poland are a dark horse who could win this game. I am also predicting this before I have seen them play their first game!
Dirk Poland 2 – 1 Columbia

Poland for me here, they have more about them than the Columbians.

Marcel Poland 1 – 1 Colombia

Colombia were poor, Poland were not great.

Points: 25 – 24 – 22


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